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Humidity is a pain in the --- Joint!


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Does anyone else seem to be bothered by excessive humidity and/or the barometric pressure? It may sound strange, but when that barometric pressure lowers itself, my butt feels a lot heavier than it normally is (which is to say, it's not a "lightweight" feeling). Instead of feeling as though I'm just wearing my usual under garments made of lead, it feels as though my unders are made of platinum (EXPENSIVE panties!). F-Y-I per liter, lead has a mass of 11,4 kg, platinum has a mass of 21,5 kg. Then, when you add excessive humidity, I get the achy breaky joints, not a pretty picture! All of this leads to not being able to jump my usual four inches off the floor - etc! :wink: Any advice? Thanks!

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Maybe it's because I grew up in South Florida, dancepig, but I find everything moves easier in higher humidity! I have a very hard time getting and keeping the joints moving in air conditioned studios. Heat and humidity help! :lol:

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I am in accordance with you about the heat, that is always a good thing for stretching the muscles. New England winter is brutal for trying to get warmed up, but when the humidity is combined with the heat, everything just feels heavier. I grew up in the S.F. Bay Area of California, have lived here in New England for 15 years and I still cannot get used to the humidity. And, everyone tells me the humidity in this area is no where near as bad as south of New York. So, don't plan on traveling south any time soon!

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My knees have always been affected by barometric pressure. Lately, my hips seem to be affected as well. I can always tell when it will rain by how my knees and hips feel.


Humidity itself doesn't seem to affect my joints, though it does give a slightly sluggish feeling overall. Especially in NYC dance studios. It gets YUCK in there.

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The only part of me that detests the humidity is my hair :lol: Though my little toes can predict rain, my muscles and joints love high humidity; whenever everyone is complaining about their aches and pains, I am in my element :P

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Yep, me too, Cabriole! However, I will say that my sinuses really know when the Barometric pressure is dropping :lol:

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As a piece of useless trivia, there is less air resistance in humid air than in dry air, so perhaps you can jump, say .0001 mm higher when it’s humid.

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I find it difficult to shed heat in a hot and humid studio. I sweat a lot, and high humidity prevents the sweat from evaporating.


A friend who is a cardiologist says high humidity is very dangerous, people die from the heat when they can't cool down.


The eternal battle of the thermostat will not be selltled here.


A suggestion to those who feel the cold, legwarmers and a sweater at the barre will warm you up. It is impossible to dry out a studio when you start to feel the heat.


Marley acts funny in high humidity too, you can't do triples in a humid room. I think little water droplets collect on the floor and prevent turns by making your shoes stick to the floor. You can even hear it as people lift their feet off the floor, like a wet plate on a counter.


A warm and humid room is a false sense of security, you muscles will get warm when you move them, not be being in a dank studio.



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