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when you have a blister do you put the sticky adhesive side of the moleskin on the blister???

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NO!!! :clapping: Use either something with a hole in it, like a donut thingy, or cover the blister with gauze and then the moleskin. You do not want to put the sticky stuff ON the blister! :unsure:

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ok i was just making sure because i saw something on here while searching to put moleskin on your blisters, but it didn't say where. i figured that would do no good and be more painful. just making sure though. i usually use a donut hole and then tape my toes. what advantage do you get from moleskin if any at all?

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Moleskin is a secondary dressing, which serves to cover and cushion a wound already covered by a primary dressing. The big thing about primary dressings is that if they contact the wound itself, they have to be as near sterile as possible.

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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I just got some moleskin since I get a lot of blisters and was just wondering how to stop the moleskin from rolling itself up (I know it sounds weird).


I have a very painful blister on the bottom of my big toe from running around in the pool too much ( :thumbsup: ) and since a bandaid wouldnt work(wont stick in such an awkward place) I thought moleskin would be a good idea. Then I tried it in class today over the bandaid and the moleskin just rolled up into this long pole making it even more painful. Does this happen a lot or is this just a bad place for a blister? Thanks. :blink:


P.S.- Just curious-- Why is it called moleskin... It isnt realla a mole's skin is it?? Probably a stupid question... but I've been wondering for a while... :green:

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Don't put the moleskin on over plastic or rubber. Use it as a secondary dressing to cover a plain piece of gauze, the primary dressing. Moleskin adhesive won't stick very well to band-aids. And moleskin is an old name for "one-point" blanket cloth made from cotton. It is fulled and napped just like any other blanket cloth, except it's thin. It's called moleskin because it feels like a mole's fur. Grab a mole sometime and find out!

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You may not be cutting the moleskin large enough. You may have to cut the piece in a rectangle like a bandaid to go around the toe. Once you've cut the moleskin in a bandaid shape, then cut out the window to put over the blister area. Make sure to leave enough margin room to not roll up.


My daughter recently had a blister on her small toe. We used a product called Second Skin which is a gelatinous material so provides a soft cusion. We cleaned the blister area, made sure it was dry, applied a small piece of second skin (just enough to cover the blister) and topped it with moleskin with a window cut out for the blister. Second Skin is just another product that works for some and not for others.


The main idea is to keep the blister clean and pressure off of it to allow for healing.

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Okay, I think my sister has some gauze so maybe I will try that instead of a regular bandaid. I have heard of the Secondskin you were talking about Babsaroo-- I think someone else at my dance school was using it. But if something was covering the blister already (like secondskin or gauze or whatever) would I still have to cut a window in the moleskin? Oh and thanks for clarifying the moleskin name Mr. Johnson... though I think I will pass on the part about grabbing a mole! :D

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I would cut the window to decrease any pressure on the blister, even with second skin, gauze, etc. The window allows the sides to take the pressure off of the blister.


Once the blister is healed, just the moleskin with a window is needed.

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