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Guest Mollieochie

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Guest Mollieochie

I have been on pointe for almost exactly a year (I went on last summer), and i am still having trouble with attitude turns and piroettes en pointe. I can balance very well in either position, but I can't get around for a full turn. What usually happens is that I push up into the position turn about half or a quarter of the way. A attitude turn and piroette en pointe is a balance turning, right? I have the balance part, but how can I get the momentum to turn all the way around?




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Have you use your back muscles, Mollie :clapping: An object does not turn itself. Some kind of force needs to act on it to make it turn. In this case it is the push from the plié and the use of the back muscles. Especially in an open position turn (like attitude), you must really bring around the opposite side. If you are turning to the right, bring that left side of your back all the way around the corner!

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