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I thought I’d just tell all you parents out there that you’ve got a champion to live up to!


I just got back from staying with lurry, whose DD is attending the same intensive as my DS. I met her at two auditions this past winter, only talked to her at the second, and she contacted me when she found out which SI my DS chose. She made all the airline reservations, loaned me videos of past year’s final performance, insisted my DS and I spend the night at her home before he left, and arranged to introduce my him to several principals and soloists in the large company in her town before leaving. As a result, my DS departed with enormous confidence and I am reassured that humans really are capable of great kindness.


Thanks, lurry. You’re the greatest.

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werlkj, that's so great that lurry was so ready, willing and able to connect with you and your son!


Believe me when I say that Ballet Talk has offered many of us these kinds of wonderful connections, but it's super to hear about this kind of generosity of spirit. Thanks so much for sharing yours and your son's good fortune! :thumbsup::flowers:

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BW, I already guessed there were other examples of kindnesses based on comments I've read on BA. I thought a little public thanks wouldn't be amiss. Lurry's example of human kindness is one I would be proud to emulate, and a great one to share with others.

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