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Passe releve on pointe


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I've been on pointe for about a year and we're gonna be starting pirouettes soon. There's only one problem - I can't passe releve with the right leg as the supporting leg!! I can do it at the barre, but no matter how hard I try, I can't do it in the center. I've tried using a deep plie, and I either "climb up" onto pointe or I only go up to demi-pointe. I'm perfect with the left leg as the supporting leg and can hold that position for a long time, but not so with the right leg.


Can anyone help?





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Hi Roxie, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :flowers:


There is really only one answer for your question, and that is simply to just keep practicing on that leg. If you relevé on the good leg 4 times, do the bad leg 8 times! In other words, work twice as hard on that side. Practice at the barre first, until you can do it. Then take it to the center.

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Guest DancesForHerself

Just practice every day after pointe class-it never hurts to practice! :sweating: Try finding your balance before putting your leg in posse! If you want to strengthen your feet use a therya-band for warm up. Before you do revele posse try doing revele coupe'-just to get the balance...practice those a thousand times then go up to posse. But if you keep practicing it will come over time. I promise! :)

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DancesForHerself, I know your intentions are the very best, but advice on technique is given by the professional teachers/moderators here on Ballet Talk for Dancers. It really can get quite confusing when differing advice is given, or when students try to describe things without knowing the correct terminology and spelling. For instance, theraband, passé, and relevé are the words you were trying to use. Also, relevé coupé would be a relevé followed by a coupé. I think you mean relevé to sur le cou de pied en avant, which is a position. Coupé is an action. It means to cut, and one foot replaces, or "cuts away" the other foot. Therefore it is a step, not a position. Things like that can make things difficult to understand, and why young dancers are really not quite ready to "advise" yet :sweating: However, you can always post things about what you have learned, in terms of things that helped you improve something. It's all in the way one phrases things! :)

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