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So... about those tights.


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Footed or not and why?

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I prefer non-footed as they feel more comfortable. I think this is mainly due that they fit better in lenght as for the footed once, I have always the feeling that the tights are tending to "slip down my leg" towards the foot.

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To tell the truth, it never made a lot of difference to me.

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footed tights advantages

-don't have to wear socks

-easier to find

-bottom of tights can't climb up your leg



non-footed tights advantages

-if you're tall, they fit better

-can wear socks without creating a double layer

-last longer because the toes and soles can't prematurely wear out

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I always made my own convertible tights--just cut a circle in the bottom of the foot and you can have footed tights for performance and footless for class.

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Guest Maverick

I've tried both. The non-footed seem to work best for me, as they seem not to sag as much. I am 6'1" so I suspect height may factor in here somewhere.


However, I can't say it makes much difference in the overall scheme of things. Whatever works for you, works for you.

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Guest Danzin Boy



I would go for the non footed tights because then they last you longer and also they are more comforable as well as the fact that you can roll then up if your hot


Danzin Boy

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