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Paul Vasteling of Nashville Ballet - seeking info

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I have the following enquiry:


I was informed that the artistic director of Nashville Ballet (Paul Vasterling) will come to Buenos Aires to teach a course next month (July). I might be interested in attending it, but I would like to know what style he teaches (whether Russian, American, Balanchine, RAD, Royal Ballet, etc).


Is anyone able to help me with this'


Thanks so much


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I've seen a ballet (his choreography) that he himself set. Based on what I saw, I'd say "american," whatever that is. From what I saw and have heard since, his choreography is generally in the contemporary ballet genre. I've also heard that he is a really nice person. (Shortly after I saw his ballet, a couple of the dancers left their company for his.) Don't know if that helps, but...

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Guest fastfeets

Paul Vasterling is quite nice. The company folks are just fantastic, too.


I take classes at School of Nashville Ballet (adult division) and there's no specific style the classes are based within, but it's closest, I think, to Vaganova(but more accurately, an amalgam of different styles). His choreography does lean toward contemporary, but he's quite adept at the classics, as well.


Definitely take the workshop if you can.

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Thanks so much both of you for having replied to my post - your answers have been of great use to me :P


Thanks a lot again :yucky:



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