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I'm curious - does your teacher ever wear pointe shoes when she's teaching pointe (unless of course, she's injured)? Cuz I have a friend who takes pointe and she said while her teacher is a wonderful ballet dancer and teacher, she stays in her flat ballet shoes while teaching pointe.


Anyone else have a teacher like that?



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My teachers never wear pointe shoes--in fact I have only had one ever who did! I think it may be because they all well... older since the one teacher I had that did go en pointe with us was probably in her mid twenties and teaching a beg. pointe class (I was just doing a makeup). I dont know but maybe there are just different policies in different ballet schools. :)

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Guest luvs2dance724

hey, my ballet teacher never wears pointe shoes in class either. in fact i think i've only seen her wear them once in class and that was when i first started pointe!!

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I can only recall two occasions when my first teacher wore pointe shoes, years ago, and then I can also recall one of my teachers who would teach pointe in soft shoes - and STILL go up on pointe! :speechless:

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I've never had a teacher who teaches pointe class en pointe. I think once she may have put them on for about two minutes to show us something, but besides that instance, nope.

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I'm afraid that most of us are well past those years of doing pointe work, although there are some older teachers around who are still able to do it. Most of us reach a point where various parts of the body start objecting to what we have done all our lives, and certain things need to be more indicated than shown full out. :speechless: The important thing is that we WERE able to do it and do know both how to DO it and how to TEACH it!

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I can also recall one of my teachers who would teach pointe in soft shoes - and STILL go up on pointe!


Bwahaha--we had a sub for pointe last week who could do this, and judging by the looks on the faces of the "youngsters" (under-18), they had never seen such a thing.


This particular teacher does dance on pointe, but didn't have her shoes on on this particular day.


My regular pointe teachers wear pointe shoes off and on. It doesn't seem to matter to their teaching whether they are wearing them or not.

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well i don't know if any of you know who paula weber is but i have her for summer intensive and she is amazing. she does pointe class on pointe. she is an awesome teacher. ms. leigh do you know her?

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Yes, I certainly do! Please give her my best regards!

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Guest ballet_barbie72

My current pointe teacher demonstrates things en pointe but only occasionly. My other ballet teacher I have never seen en pointe and I don't think any of her students have. :P

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The teachers at my studio don't and i've never seen them. However, at the Vancouver Ballet Society Spring Seminar, the guest teacher Bart de Block would teach en pointe! It was the first time it ever occurred to me that teachers could teach en pointe. Hehe! It was cool, his pointes were black and he would give rest breaks because he knew the pain the dancers were in!

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Guest IloveDance

My teacher never wears point shoes, infact, she was taught point by a male teacher who had never worn point shoes in his life. I've seen my teacher perform en point during recitals when she was younger and once when another dancer was sick so she filled in for the production instead.

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I've never seen any of my teachers up en pointe! My teachers just usually teach in regular technique shoes, and sometimes in technique class, sneakers! :rolleyes: (actually, only one of my teachers has done that). But the quality is still the same!


The one time our teacher for pre-pointe work/beginning pointe wore pointe shoes was to show us how to tie our ribbons when we first got our shoes.

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My teachers don't wear pointe shoes when teaching pointe. I have had one teacher wear pointe shoes I think 2 or 3 times, but none of my other teachers have.

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