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Guest ballet_barbie72

At my ballet studio there has been a bit of a problem lately. For the younger students, aparantly there is a studio policy that they have to be on at least 2 technical classes a week. Which is fair enough. But at my studio we have two main ballet teachers and one that teaches Grade 5 RAD ballet, and one that teaches below that (i.e. Grade 4, Grade 2 etc.)


So anyway, it's come time to put in the entries for the exams and there is one little girl who is only taking one Grade 5 lesson a week, but is taking Intermediate Foundation classes twice a week also, plus a private lesson for her Grade 5 work.


Now, her Grade 5 teacher says she is ready for her exam, but the studio policy (and the 2nd ballet teacher) won't allow her to do her exam, because she is only taking one of the Grade 5 classes per week. The reason for this is because she can't get to the studio on the other days.


I just want everyone's opinion on whether or not you think this is fair or not? Because I for one do not, and as one of the older students at the school I want to know is there anything I can do/say about this?



love Erin

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It's a rather tight and close reading of the RAD Standards and Practices, which mandates at least 3 classes a week for grade 5. I don't know how the Academy in Australia works nowadays, so I can't comment definitively. It does seem rather legalistic.


If the student isn't you, then there's nearly nothing you can say or do that wouldn't be considered presumptuous.

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I understand your concern, Erin, however I don't think interfering with Studio Policy is really the best thing to try. There are times when you can change things that don't seem fair, but there are times when discretion is the wiser choice. :P

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Guest ballet_barbie72

Thanks Ms Leigh and Mr Johnson. As it turned out, the student has moved studios already (leaving a bit of contraversy behind). But I guess you are right, it's not really my problem or my place to say anything. :yes:

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