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Decisions: what to do?


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Looking for help in deciding what to do with my DD for the fall......there are not many options for her here up North other than doing auditons for the upcoming Nut season......she has the option of attending a "school" program with a former teacher that she loves and respects...but feels like a" looser" attending classes with "students" when she has spent the past 3 yrs doing company classes and some touring with her former school company after graduation. My thoughts are to attend the new school and hope she can get some attetnion from the company affiliated with it..any suggestions???? I hope I haven't posted this on the wrong site.....I am still very new to this!

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Knock knock

This is certainly the right place for such a question, but the moms and dads who can provide suggestions might need a little more background on your daughter.


No need to name specific cities or schools but...


feels like a" loser" attending classes with "students" when she has spent the past 3 yrs doing company classes and some touring with her former school company after graduation.


So she is 18ish now, just out of high school?

Did you move to a new city?


In what kind of setting was she training before? Was she in the local company as a trainee or apprentice, and did she then not get an invitation to join the company full-time? That's the only scenario that would (in my mind) fit with what you've said above, but if you could confirm that or spell out a bit more why continuing at her previous school is not appealing to her, that might inform the discussion.

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I'm actually going to move this thread into Cross Talk since that is the forum where we're now trying to encourage people to post threads about ballet programs that are year round, as opposed to SIs. The theory is that Cross Talk is open for more groups to respond. :thumbsup:


Koshka's right, though, about needing some more specifics on your daughter's situation. Hope to hear more from you so people can offer some insight and, possible, suggestions. :wink:


P.S. I hope you don't mind that I edited the post's title a bit to make it more specific. If it needs to be changed again, please let me know. :thumbsup:

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Thanks so much for helping with this...........any suggestions greatly appreciated. DD spent many years 1500 miles away from home in a professional school, upon graduation did the aspirant program(classes performances and tours...but only get paid for performances as not part of the company) She basically got VERY depressed when not offered a company spot and gained a bit too much weight..(very hard to parent and know what is going on when so far away)..We finally moved her home in May and she had been working feverishly with a PT before she went to SI...1st new SI in 10 yrs........

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I'm not sure which Canadian SI she is attending this year, but if it has a company attached to it, then it is either the RWB, NBSoC, or Alberta Ballet??? Or is she at Banff where many graduate dancers end up after their final year? Is your daughter hoping to be offered an apprentice position at the SI?? Is the SI in Canada? Is the new school the same school with the former teacher attached to it - I'm a bit confused. Any chance of auditioning for Alberta Ballet, Atlantic Ballet, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, RWB, National Ballet??? What about European companies?? Did her former school/company offer to help her find a position elsewhere??


What are her aspirations - to dance professionally or to teach??


Many questions!!.. :wink:

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SI in the USA.... The new school is in the USA also......need to have a decision made soon if attending...... We sent tapes to all of the companies you listed (except "ours'" of course...Regarding former school offering help! HA HA HA......sorry to sound so flippant but...doesn't seem to be part of the program.

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dbleon - your DD must be very excited to be at a new SI this summer :D - hopefully that will rejeuvenate her spirits which will translate into a renewed dancer. It is very unforunate that our dancers are not guaranteed a company spot upon graduation and so much depends upon the wishes of the company AD and other artistic staff. I'm sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with your last school. :D


I think that if you haven't heard back from the other companies, I would send her to the school in the US with her former teacher and like you said hope to get noticed by the company. Do they offer any type of apprentice positions?? It may also be an opportunity to develop new dance contacts and do more networking in the US. Will she be living on her own?? Will she have to work as well??

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We will need to find accomadations for her I think as the new school does not offer a residence program. Hopefully the school Principal(former teacher) will have some insight into this(maybe a company member needs a roommate?? I am not sure what the rules are regarding Canadians working in the USA...and what the chances are of her getting a company position over a US dancer?? Agree with the renewed attitude...she seems happier and focused...

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We know some dancers in the same spot....it's difficult up here as company openings seem to be so hard to come by. I don't think Alberta Ballet took anyone new this year, even for apprentice.


From what I've heard, it's not impossible for a Canadian dancer to gain employment in the US - but it is challenging because of the immigration situation.


Merde to your dancer as she takes the next steps! Please keep us posted! And, if you ever feel comfortable mentioning the program here in Canada please do - I'm sure that there are many of us who would appreciate hearing more about these programs so we know what to look out for. We are going through some dance changes in our house and I'll post more when I get "clearance" from dancer most directly affected.

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Thanks Mom2........yes it is a small dance world up here....and never easy to "rock the boat" even now after leaving......


the DD still has great love and affection for "her" school/company......wish I knew then what I know now....but time heals all!!


Hopefully better times are in the future....she just needs someone who can give her the time and encouragement she needs after being ignored for so long...

seems if your not the "prima of the school" you don't matter.......no matter how long or how much $$$ you have paid into the program!

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I wonder if you could offer some thoughts on the issue of attending a summer program NOT affiliated with the student's year-round program. Seems that up here once you are in a program you are THERE for good. I do understand that the ADs and teachers want to insure a certain level of training and progression in the dancers....but in this circumstance one relies on the school to be "seen" by a broader dance world (or even to experience other things for that matter). I don't know that it's such an issue for the younger ones, but for the ones close to graduation I think it might be beneficial to try something else.


Your thoughts/reflections, and those of others, would be appreciated.




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I agree with you on this 1 Mom2....would have done the same for my DD way back before graduation....but we TOTALLY relied on our "school professionals". Our's were never allowed to attend other SIs. The SI is considered part of the year!

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