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Good news from the quest for classes!


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So, I have been trying to find ballet classes for my 22 male beginner self in this smallish Alabama college town. As luckwould have it there is a pretty decent studio by all accounts that offors not only a male class which is about 90 percent beginner, but also a beginner class! Also I actually know a guy (read: actual male) who dances there and he says he would highly reccomend the studio.


So for those of you who care, I feel like I have gotten through a big step because actually finding anything out about this studio has been difficult. They are all but closed for the summer and take days and days to return phone calls and still have net returned my email. Other than their lack of communication skills I have heard nothing but good things, and I look forward to hopefully taking classes there in the fall.


Thats my news, whats yours?

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That's good, Bill, keep the interest going. You're starting as an adult, so it makes a lot more sense to start in an adult class. The ways of learning as an adult are very different from the ways children learn.

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I dont know man, I like birght colors and cartoons haha.

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