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I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is a ballet conservatory? How is it different from a regular school? I ask because I heard that some people after highschool who don't go directly to companies train at colleges or conservatories first. Since i'm interested in continuing training after graduation,(i'm going into grade 12 now),could anyone please name a few. Mainly in Canada;) Or close to Canada anyway. Thank you!

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The Webster's dictionary definition is: "a school giving training in the fine or dramatic arts...". It does not have anything to do with a particular age group of training. There are primary, high school and university level conservatories. I am not able to address conservatories in Canada. I do know that Royal Winnepeg Ballet, National Ballet of Canada and Goh Ballet (to name a few) do have professional level programs for serious, qualified students of all age groups. You may check their websites and use the Search engine here at Ballet Talk for Dancers to help you in your research.

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