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I just "watched" my DD taking pointe at her SI! She's at Jillana in Taos Ski Valley, and they have a web cam in the studio that parents and friends can access. I've tried to find her over the past few day, but I haven't been sure if I was seeing her or even her class. Today, she called me to let me know when she would be in that studio and what color leo she would wear. The pictures aren't great, but with the info she gave me I was able to spot her easily. What fun! :) I was so happy to "see" her, I just had to share!

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knock knock


2 of my friends are attending jillana this summer and i was wondering how do you access the web cam?

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There is a password. You will have to get it from either your friends or perhaps their parents can give it to you. The pictures aren't great, but it is still fun to check in and see them in class. Good luck.

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What a wonderful idea! My daughter is at NYSSSA ballet at Saratoga and they do something similar - at the end of each day they post photographs on line - from class and from dorm activities. It is so much fun to "peek in" on her every night!

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