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hyperextended knees?


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i have really hyperextended knees (i can stand my feet apart at least 4 1/2 inches and my knees still touch) well lately a spot on my knee has been bothering. its on the outer part of my knee lower down. could it be bothering me from hyperextending during class? i don't it have ever done this before. also should i stand hyperextended at barre? or keep my feet together?

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I don't know if the problem in your knee is caused by hyperexting or not, but it could be.


As for standing with your heels together or not, that is up to your teacher. There are different theories about this in teaching. I allow a SMALL space, but it must be small enough to not allow the legs to hyperextend, only to allow them to meet and be fully stretched without pushing back into the hyperextension. If the space is too big, it allows one to reinforce the hyperextension, which is not good. However, if there is no space, then the legs overlap and/or one is bent. That is not good either.

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