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Petit Allegro


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Hello all,


Another question today!


I am finding it really hard to make the RAD Grade 6 Petit Allegro study look good! I know what I am doing but my glissade jete (spelling?) I feel really clumsy!


Did anyone else stuggle with this... ?


I am a late started to Ballet - started when I was 17... so my turnout isn't great, could this be the problem?

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Jenny, is this the compound step of a glissade and a pas jeté? In RAD, there is no such thing as a glissade jetée; there's a glissade piquée, though. Anyway, what in particular is wrong with it?

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if i remember correctly, it's a glissade derriere, jete ordinaire derriere, glissade derriere, jete ordinaire, pas de bourrée pique, pas de bourree pique and further on i can't remember at the moment (there is an assemble soutenus and an assemble in there if i'm right, but cannot find out where exactly in the exercise).


hope this helps you



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Yes, I think its a glissade and pas jete...


Well when I do it slowly to myself I can end my glissades in a good fifth, but when I go to do it with the music I completely lose it :yes: and they end up in a messy loking almost parallel position :P

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Jenny, who is in control here, your legs? :P They will do what you make them do, and making a glissade into a good 5th is simply a matter of focus on maintaining your rotation. Do the glissade thinking "And FIFTH!" in the rhythm. Say it to yourself and make your legs hold their rotation and arrive in 5th! And then DON'T let the front leg slip OUT of that 5th before the jeté!

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jenny, one way i worked on the "closing in fifth" problem was to practise the glissade really slowly, and working up to the proper speed each time remembering to close in a proper fifth. i'm not very turned out either, but this has helped me to work on my endings for all my petit allegro and other exercises, not just the grade 6 ones.


i'm working on my grade 6 too and the petit allegro is my waterloo. i always have a problem with the plies in the glissade, and i always get picked on to work on it alone in the middle of class. how embarassing considering i'm about twice the age of some of my classmates :P hope the tip helps :D

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Thanks for all your help!


Its nice to see someone else has the same problem, my glissades are good when I am doing them slowly, but as soon as I speed them up I just lose it!


I am also twice the age of my classmates, and I sometimes feel a bit bad about not being able to do it.


I don't get much attention from the teacher as I am new and I think she has 'favourites'. I wish I did though, so I would know if my alignment and feet position are right.

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