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tights for boys

Guest happycc

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Guest happycc

I just spent the day looking for tights for my son before he goes to Contra Costa Ballet. That was a very hard assignment. Most of the tights out there were WAY too sheer and girlie looking with the cotton crotches or the mens' tights were WAY too big.


Finally we settled on some ice skate tights by Mondor. I went on the Mondor site tonight and didn't realize they had dance tights as well.

Anyways Mondor has these very opaque tights and they come in all sizes even for kids. I am very happy!




I hope this helps others with the tights problem. I think it was on another board where tights were an issue.


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Carolyn, you might be interested in reading this thread Opening a Dance Store - as you scroll through it you will see several posts about tights for boys and men. M. Stevens seems to be the manufacturer of choice for some.


Here is a website that sells M. Stevens dance wear for boys: The Dance Shop. :)

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Guest happycc

Holy Cow! How about I just start a small boys/men dance wear store out of my house or garage in my area?Or even better I could go to the dancer's home and get them fitted in the privacy of their own home---housecalls if you will. I will have a rolling suitcase or something like that.

I won't bother with internet or mail order. I would advertise in craigslist or something like that or place flyers.

How does one begin something like that?


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Guest happycc

Oh we checked out M Stevens tights but they are HUGE on my son.

They just don't make boys tights I think. Anyone want to go into a little home business making boys tights?



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Must admit this has been a problem over here in the Uk Too!


Its performance tights that are the hardest to get gold of. We were lucky in finding some repettos, which look good and are nicely opaque( Necessary fro the costumes he was wearing!), but they are hard to get hold of im told!

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OK, I'm not a parent of a boy - but there are so many, relatively speaking, little boys taking ballet in NYC that I just have to believe there are tights for boys available. Have you tried calling one of Capezio's stores in NYC? I'd suggest the one of the two that are on Broadway.


I am sure there are some parents of young men out here in cyber land who can help you - they've just probably been away from their computers. :(

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I have been in NYC for 2 weeks now, and yes we have been able to find ONE PAIR. He wears a mens small or med. They have the ones for boys in the packet but they have no lycra in them and they get baggy. We found a pair of Mirella which are nice but finding the size the color etc is a real pain. Yes the black ones were hard to find in NYC!!! They had White and beige! Of course White was really hard to find during performance season and recital time.

I want to know what the guys in ABT wear they look great and are off white or cream colored dyed I am sure, but wonder what the brand is.

Also why dont they make convertable tights for the guys???? Mine is now wearing tights with feet for class which look great, no more lost socks but then they take modern and yoga and need bare feet. He has cut out the bottoms of the brand new $36 tights but they are making them for the girls, why not the boys! :green:

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My DS now gets his tights made for him at his school - they are great - footless with a long roll-down waist. The footless are a godsend, as they wear white socks for ballet class and are able to just go barefoot in modern. But finding tights for him before was a nightmare, especially as memo stated,, those dreaded white recital tights!!!! When we needed them they were never available! As happycc said, someone could make a fortune making well-fitting tights for boys - any takers???? :green:


You might try "The Shoe Room" at the National Ballet of Canada School on their website. They do stock boys/mens' tights and Carol Beevers is just great to deal with - they also sell really nice Freeds' white dance socks - lightweight but very durable at $7.95 CAD per pair. I can't seem to access website right now - will edit later.

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Re: tights for small boys


happycc, a few month's ago memo shared a brand for smaller boys, in boys dancewear --Wear Moi. She's right, my youngest son tried them. Black tights come in small sizes for ages 5 and up. And they should be very accessible for you!


Auroras' Collection (Wear Moi)

205 13th Street, San Francisco CA 91403

Toll Free 888 831-0880

website: www.go2auroras.com


memo, did you try Get the Pointe Dancewear (tutu.com) --they seem to always have M. Stevens tights in stock, ready to be sent out.


Re: socks


The same thread had discussions about socks and my son tried every one, except I balked at ordering the Freeds from Canada, which required a phone call to order, cost $7.00 apiece, and with shipping costs, just seemed to be too much of a hassle to obtain.


The winning socks? Mel's suggestion of L'Eggs white microfiber trouser socks turned out to be just the ticket. They're my son's favorites, and have the added benefit of being super cheap, come in cream and black too, and are available everywhere groceries are sold! The thin Target socks somebody else suggested are good too, though not as thin as the L'Eggs. I bet black L'Eggs socks (they are over the calf so there's lots of extra on top to roll over back over the ankle) combined with black footless tights would be just about transparent to anyone. Just an idea.

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Parent of a boy who doesn't dance. :D Yet!


I have made tights for a few dancers and a couple theatre productions. All I need is a waist, inseam and rise measurement and whether you want them footed or non-footed or convertable. So Carolyn if your looking for custom. Let me know what you need! I don't want to go into business, so I'm not advertizing. I have a full time job to support my own dance adiction. Let's just say I'm doing it to help the men in ballet cause!

If you would like to stay with a real dancewear co. You should try Bal-tog. They will custom just about anything in cotton/lycra, supplex or nylon/lycra and they have tons of colors. NY Dancewear is one of their outlets.

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