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what do you do with all the dancewear and leotards

Guest happycc

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Guest happycc

How do you store all the dancewear and leotards? What do you decide to keep and what do you give away?

We have tons of girls leos and dancewear and it is taking over the house. Every year they have performances they get something.

I have been hanging up the leos -otherwise it is a mess in the drawers.



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A lot of people "hand-me-down" to beginners who need dancewear real quick. However, I've found that a lot of these things work pretty well packed in the home "vacuum packers" that you see on the infomercials. I didn't have to send away for mine, however, I just went to K-mart. With all the air taken out of them, they take up next to NO room at all!

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Start a "leave one, take one" box at the studio!


For home storage, we use sock/underwear storers -- boxes subdivided into smaller cells, or flexible plastic "honeycombs".

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We give ours away, or we keep them to use as costume bases for performances. We have been able to use quite a few to costume for things like modern recital dances.

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Often YMCA's or enrichment programs for elementary/middle school kids teach some form of dance or gymnastics. My DD and friends collect a box of handmedowns over the summer, we wash and fold them, and then take them there to be given out to children who don't have a leotard, jazz shoes, etc. (the ballet shoes are usually too stinky and worn to go in the box!). It's a win/win situation - we clean out the dancewear baskets, and someone who can use the supplies gets them.

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