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I seem to have problems in what i believe are sissonne fermées because my teacher keeps on telling me a look like a "Frog" by not closing the jump in time. and i'm just really off the music with those. Do you guys have any suggestions on these jumps? you usually jump upwards or forwards more? and how do you get your back leg down in time without bending them or looking like a complete frog? i've been also having probelms with most other sissones and assembles when they are continuous after another closing in fifth as well.


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Cece, start by doing them smaller, so that the second leg can arrive in 5th VERY quickly after the landing. Sissones move upward and forward/back/side, or whatever direction they are set to go in. You push from two feet, go UP and also move in whichever direction, land on one leg, and when it is sissonne fermé you close very quickly. As in a glissade, the second leg remains straight until it arrives at the point where it passes (very quickly) through pointe tendu to close 5th.

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