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Looking for La Esmeralda


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I have been on quite a few Web sites looking for a full recording of La Esmeralda but with no success. Can anyone help?





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Dick, I don't know of one. You might want to post this question in the video forum of the other Ballet Talk (link to that forum is at the top of this page). One of the moderators there is very familiar with videos, and may be able to help. I doubt if he'd see the question here.


Good luck!

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I have a tape called "Kirov Ballet- Classic Ballet Night". It features 6 different ballets. Esmeralda is with Gabriela Komleva and Vitali Afanaskov :thumbsup: The front cover is in Black and White and has Tatiana Terekhova in Diane and Actheon if this helps. I don't know where you could find it, but probably the "bibliotheque de la danse" has it. Good luck!

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Tanks for the information Sylphide, but I found what I was actually looking for. It's part of The Kirov in London recording, and is actually identified as a pas de six on the program information. Nevertheless, the abstract includes two pas de deux one of which I'll start rehearsing this comming wednesday, and the man's solo which I am working on right now.


Tanks again for your attention.



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