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tea and sympathy

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:(:(:(:(:( Looks like I will not be going to ADC this summer afterall. Our daycare closed very suddenly and unexpectedly, Dear Hubby can't take any more time off, and all three kids are too young to be left on their own all day. :(:(:(

Plus, I have to make an out of state trip to take number one son to a week long three dimensional imaging session for dyslexia. He was just officially diagnosed this year (though we had known what was wrong for quite a while). Though he is getting help through the school, this program is supposed to be an excellent method of addressing reversals and "sight word" recognition, so I think it will be worth it. Unfortunately, it is not offered in Maine, so we must travel to enroll. (Anybody out there in BalletAlert Land heard of Davis Dyslexia Foundation?)


Anyway, a very fond hello to all my first August session friends----I will be thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!!! And I will move heaven and earth to be there next year!!


Actually I think tea and sympathy doesn't quite cut it. Under the circumstances, maybe I should say Really Strong Martini and sympathy!


Have fun ADC campers!


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Oh Elise


I am sorry that you won't be able to go. I know how it is when you are so looking forward (that may be an understatement!) to something, only for it not to happen.

On the positive side though, although you aren't going, it is for a very good and wonderful reason. You are going to give your son the best chance and the best start in life that he will thank you for, forever. The Adult Dance Camp will hopefully, always be there each year, and everyone will be waiting for you. :(


P.S go and enjoy your martini while you can!

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Guest beckster

I'm sorry you can't go, buglady, but I second what Jeanette says. You'll be there next year and I'm sure you'll enjoy it twice as much!

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I'm sorry you can't go as well Buglady. I know how it feels to wait and wait for something then have it fall through at the last moment!!


I second that you enjoy those martinis!! :(

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:green: So sad we won't get to see you this year, Elise. You are doing such an important thing in supporting your son, though. It's tough being a good mom. We have to make hard sacrifices for the good of our family. Ballet will still be there, though. But...we all feel your disapointment. Should we take pictures and send them or would that just be too much?


Wonder if you remember me from last year.


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Bummer Bugsy!

I will miss you. Your children are more important. I will be in Boston Wednesday and Thursday. I'm gonna try to take a class with BB in Newton. I will have a nice Cab in your Honor tonite. We will miss you!



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This is your invitation to Amber & Scott's pity party for people who can't make it to ADC this summer. Please RSVP.

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Thanks everyone for all the moral support, it does help to know there are people out there who understand. All my non-dancing friends just look at me with a "so what" expression on their faces. And yes, it absolutely is worth it-- I'd walk in front of a train for my kids, but that doesn't mean I'm not disappointed that the dyslexia class is the same week as ADC.


Candi, of course I remember you! You had such a beautiful smile each day even during the most brutal combinations, it was obvious how much you enjoyed being there. That kind of attitude is wonderful to be around. Do a couple of fun pirouette combinations for me!


Sheila, what a great idea! A little Jimmy and a lot of margarita should help ease the pain considerably. How are the wedding preparations coming?


Thanks for the toast Mike. Next time you come all the way to Boston, take a couple of extra hours and come on up for a lobster in vacationland. The way life should be....blah blah blah....


Scott and Amber- I am soooooo there. What's on the party agenda?



Love to all,


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Um... Did someone say party?


I just found out that a work trip to the west coast is going to

keep me away from BOTH August sessions :angry:, so I would be

willing to break into my stash of '96 Veuve Clicquot Reserve

and share a few bottles with my fellow sufferers...

Champagne and sympathy, anyone?


(PS: Didn't Emily Post say somewhere that it is actually OK to crash a

party if you bring some vintage bubbly? :innocent:)

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