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Perhaps not big, but hard decisions


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So, now all my auditions for dance schools are over. In one of them I went almost all the way; there were 35 people left and they only took in 20. Unfortunately I was one of those 15 who had to go. I talked to the headmaster of the school and he said it was so close that I was accepted. He offered me a place though at the school's one year programme, which is like a preparation for auditioning for dance schools (the "real" programme is three years and gives you the dance training you need to get in a company and such). And though I of course was very happy that he gave that spot just like that (normally you would have to audition for that too), I don't think I'm going to accept it. I have to move and thus find somewhere to live. I have to get a job in order to get money to pay for everything. If you're in the three year programme you can take loans since it's considered a real education, but that doesn't go for the one year programme, so I have to pay for everything myself. My parents of course want to help me, but both living, tuition and all of that, they can't afford. Besides it feels like I don't want to spend so much money on a preparing training (which I can get much cheaper if I stay where I live now), and I will probably need it later. But then it would perhaps give me an advantage if I audition again next year, and have trained with the same teachers for a year. I don't know...


This is just so hard for me. I want to be a professional dancer so badly, and I will do everything it takes. But it would probably be best for me to stay here for a year, and concentrate just on my dancing. Then I'll have time to look for some more schools, and apply in good time (which I didn't do this year!), and look for some scholarships, work and earn some money too. But no decision is easy. I'm starting to feel so old (19 in december), and I'm worried that it will be a big minus (I know that I will never be a pro ballet dancer, but I want to try a modern career, so perhaps my age won't be that important). Well, this is the best thing for me, so I'll have to make the best of it, right?



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Niphredil I am not familiar with the various schools in Sweden so it makes it very difficult to advise you what to do. Of course, financial considerations must always a part of a decision making process. You are fontunate that your parents are supportive of your chosen field. I would suggest stay home, work very hard and try again next year.

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If it were me, I would look at what I really wanted. How important is it for you to get into this 3 year program? If it is very, I would probably try the one year program if you can work it out financially. If not, I would stay home and train. Are schools abroad options at all (either in Europe or the US?) If modern is your goal, you'd probably be an excellent candidate for a contemporary university program in the States. And don't worry about your age. I'm 22 and I was offered three positions in three different ballet companies this spring! You've still got time! :green:

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Thank you so much, both of you. I have decided to stay at home this year, and then try again next year. Then I will also have some time to find more dance schools, perhaps abroad too. And of course to get some more money too! Thanks again for replying, it really meant a lot to me! :green:

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