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Off to the RAD Summer School


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I am going to the RAD summer school in August. This will be my first summer school at the grand old age of 23!!


Has anyone ever been to a RAD SS and if so how was it, what will I need to take and how intensive is it??


I am sure I will love it but I want to be prepared!!

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hi kitty!!


to what summerschool are you going, the performance course?? when that was still the senior students ss, i enjoyed it a lot. i had 4 classes a day for 6 days a week for 2 weeks. the first week, i had pilates, classical technique, repertoire/pointe and modern/jazz. the second week, i had benesh notation instead of pilates, the rest was the same. all classes were 1,5 hours (if i remember correctly) and between the 2 morning classes and the two afternoon classes there was a 15-minutes break. i don't remember how long lunch break was. this was all in 2000. i don't know if things are different with now the changes into the performance course, but i enjoyed the 2 summerschools at RAD hq's a lot (1998 for junior students, 1 week and 2000 for seniors 2 weeks).


in 1998 i had character instead of pilates/benesh notation. i enjoyed that a lot also (although we had class on the top floor and it was extremely hot that summer)



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I am going to the Junior Summer school in Birmingham. It was far too expensive for me to attend the Performance course.


Thanks for your input!!

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Are you allowed to register for the Junior Summer School even though you are over the age limit?


I was really interested in doing the one in London.

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Hi JennyKaye


I phoned up to ask if i could register and they said that they had no age limit although most of the students were going to be a lot younger than myself. I explained that I danced with younger students anyway and that there wasn't a problem.


I don't think that they were very happy with it but they had no grounds to exclude me. They would have preferred me to do the performance course.


Next year I'll book early and go with my ballet school. That way my teacher can argue with them!! :clapping:

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Did you say you were off to the one is birmingham? That will be fab, have fun! I might have to go next year! Let me know what it is like :clapping:

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