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totally lost


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Hi. This summer I am taking the most advanced classes at my studio which also are sooo much longer than what I am used to. Me and a few of my friends who just moved up to the class are so much worse than the rest of the girls in the class who are all company or trainees for the company (we arent unfortunatly). I feel totally lost on some of the combinations and we have to do steps that I have barely learned and that I really struggle with. I try really really really hard with the combinations but I still end up totally screwing up and making a fool of myself. And then the fact that the classes are really long (4.5 hours) makes it even worse because after the first hour I'm exhausted! If anyone has any tips on doing better at hard combinations please let me know... thanks!

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Wa! Whoa! Wait a minute!


4½ hours of class? Who's teaching it? August Bournonville? That's the old sink or swim method from 1830! Everybody did the same class from the newest aspirants through the prima ballerinas. I don't know of anybody who does that anymore!

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Dancer, I'm sorry, but I have never, ever heard of a class lasting 4.5 hours. That is absurd. Sorry. Could you possibly mean that technique and pointe and maybe something else, like variations or pas de deux, all together are 4.5 hours???

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Thanks for the replies!


Ms. Leigh- Yes that is what I mean, we have technique for about 2 hours then do pointe class for about an hour and then do variations which are sometimes on pointe and sometimes not. There are no breaks or times when one thing ends and we start the next thing (we have a different teacher practically every day so when we switch from one thing to another kind of depends on who's teaching it)so that is why I referred to it all as one class. I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear :shrug: .


Mr. Johnson- We are kind of like the next "batch" who will become company (I hope so atleast) so I think my teacher wants us to have experience with the current company members so that we will improve by "feeding off of them" as she told us. Also, the class below this is WAY too easy and they only go a couple days a week where as in this class we go 5 days.


Today was a bit easier as we had a different teacher who really explained a lot of the combinations to us but tomorrow I have our main teacher again who makes things really challenging for us. I dont want to make her sound bad because she is a TERRIFFIC teacher... I think she is just making it harder so that we get used to it and learn how to do it and also for the older girls in the class.

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