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Finding myself doing "strange" things


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How many of you find yourself doing "strange" little things, i.e. when wearing a pair of pants that has a drawstring (the drawstring is supposed to be a bow on the outside), I tuck the bow backwards into the inside of my pants (don't want any ribbons or strings hanging) or when I need to reach a fair distance for something, I tend to go into an arabesque position (almost knocked an older gentlemen in the chin with my foot - didn't realize he was behind me, since then I've tried to restrain myself from letting my leg up very far), always taking advantage when it's necessary to pick something up off the ground as a wonderful opportunity to work on those plies - demi or grand, or going into grand jete when jumping over puddles, stuff like that? Anyone else notice this type of behavior? :shrug:

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I used to do piroettes in elevators. Most elevators are now carpeted.




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I find that elevators and elevator waiting areas (indeed, any place where I'm standing and waiting) is an excellent place for releves. I freaked my neighbors out once by standing in first releve without much noticing for a rather long time (maybe a minute or so).

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That's great! I use those area for frappes and petit battements. Still haven't found the ideal place for grand battements :shrug:

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I'm an elevator pirouette-er as well :P I like to try and turn as it's moving ... the gravity shift presents a challenge! One day I realized that our elevators have cameras in them, but this hasn't stopped me - I just think I'm giving the security guards a little show :shrug:

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Guest kristinene

I've done brises off the bottom stair in my family home since I learned them when I was a child! Now I do them off any bottom step!

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How many of you find yourself doing "strange" little things...

Well, I'm nothing if not strange...My favorite ballet-related quirks

lately are as follows:


1) Doing everything I can in releve. Standing in the shower is an example.

Slicing vegetables at the kitchen counter is another. Even during some

boring phone calls at work I do releve and plie... (But the door is closed,

so only the people outside get to see my performance)


2) I point my foot, hard, and then write the alphabet and numbers.

This is excellent fun when I am seated at a boring meeting. (but then,

I'm easily amused)


3) Perhaps oddest of all, or maybe it's just because it's summer, but I

find that after taking ballet I notice OTHER peoples' feet, ankles,

and how they stand. Never used to do that nearly as much as now...


Oh, and I have a friend who does tour jetes over puddles, but I've

never been that confident! Maybe one day...


Strange is good, by the way... I believe it was Sir Francis Bacon who said

"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion"


Not that it applies to me, mind you :shrug: (he said SOME strangeness, not

COMPLETE strangeness)

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Guest kristinene

Oh, I think I've forgotten something worth mentioning. It is not out of the ordinary for me to topple over in the shower because I'm going through choreography/an excercise from class/just doing releves. I'm kind of known for it. Now I have a claw-footed tub and my boyfriend insists that I hold off on the dance until I'm safely out of the shower. He, correctly, figures that one of these days I'll fall out of the shower all together since there are no walls now to keep me in!

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dancepig, I also tend to go into an arabesque position when reaching for things. Another thing that I do, which my boyfriend pointed out to me, is to stand in right back coupe when riding the escalator. I have no idea why! :shrug:

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At SAB, the boys used to do double tours in the elevators going down from the eleventh floor to the first because the downward motion of the elevator makes it feel as if you're jumping higher :shrug:.

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:) Ah, yes... While shopping at our small town grocery store...chasse forward with the right foot, arabesque...chasse forward on left foot, arabesque, all while pushing a grocery cart full of food. Makes for slow perusal of the food items but is loads of fun. Wish the kids would stop making fun of me, though. I have a reputation for being a little strange but life is fun!
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At the grocery store, I do plié to reach items on the bottom shelf. I also use the grocery cart as a barre to do some entrechats.



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When no one else is in the office I practice any recent combination or tour jetes. Tendus or developes in the shower. Most bizarre, stretch my leg on the wall in the restroom if no one else is in there. :>

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I work at an ice cream shop where the floors get wet constantly; this enables me to do multiple piroettes, pique turns, and such. I also releve and plie, as well as arabesque when reaching for items in places. I don't find it unusual that other dancers do the same, we spend so much time and effort training our bodies to react the way they (or we, really) do! :thumbsup:

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Guest fairychild

My husband laughs at me because I am always dancing...any convenient "barre" (like our deck, a counter, whatever) and I'm doing plies & cambres...I also tap my way through the grocery store, which really drives him insane! At least now that he's taking classes, too, he understands a little bit more!


A little bit off topic...but I also find myself mentally running through dances I've learned to various pop songs anytime they come on the radio - makes it very hard to actually listen to music sometimes instead of visualizing the dances!!!

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