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2 Left Feet

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I'm pretty excited. I got cast as a "super" in the Royal Ballet's Giselle in Orange County this weekend. I've never done this before so it's all new and really cool. I'm especially glad it's for such a great company. I don't have much to do, just stand there for a few minutes, but the whole experience has been a lot of fun so far. I went down to the audition at the last minute after much prodding from my teacher. I don't know who's more excited about this, my teacher or me! :thumbsup:

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wow Ed. thats so cool! I always wanted to do that but by the time I found out about the auditions for ABT spring season I couldnt get to any of them. ( not that they would have picked me over the sab students that i'm sure flood them but w/e.) congrats! merde!

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Way to go! In case you're interested, there was a lengthy story in the Sunday

New York Times (I think it was June 27th) complete with color photos about Supers

with New York ballet and opera companies. I'm quoting from memory, but two

key items of advice that the "old hands" gave were: (1) make sure you are properly

hydrated, since you are out there on stage under the lights quite a bit, and (2)

make sure you go to the bathroom before you are required on stage :sleep:

I loved reading that many people work for a long time as supers with companies;

they had good stories to tell, so it's worth digging up the article if you can find it

either online or in a library.



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Congratulations, Ed!


I know you've been talking about trying to get a super part for awhile. Good to see you've made the leap.


So what will you be doing? What does your costume look like like? Be sure to post a diary of your experiences from rehearsal through performance.

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Guest AlexisLiszt

Ed! That's great! :) Being a super can be so much fun--I actually never thought about being one for a ballet. I was a super for the Dayton Opera's Aida, and I was going to be a super for Cincinnati Opera's Carmen, but the schedule interfered with ADC. Figured out who I am yet? Don't go by the Member name! :yes:

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Guest LA girl

OMG, Ed, I am so jealous I could cry! In fact, I think I might :)


I've been horrible about keeping in touch...I still haven't been able to return to taking classes, but I've started working again so hopefully I'll be funding my habit again soon.


Lots of Love to everyone at DAA

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Brilliant, 2LeftFeet! Make sure to tell us all about it. :D

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Thanks everyone. Hey, Amber! Get well soon, Scott. A "super" is short for supernumerary or a background actor.


We finished last night. I was a hunstman in the royal party in Act I of Giselle. It was a lot of fun and nowhere near as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. The cast and artistic staff of the Royal Ballet was very pleasant, a dream to work with. I'll write up a diary and post it soon.


One of the best parts was getting to sneak into the audience for the second act after each show. Yesterday afternoons cast performed what myself and many others feel was the hands-down best Giselle performed in these parts in many years. It was a thrill to be there to see it.

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Dear Two Left Feet,


WOo! Woo! Woo! Congradulations! :rolleyes:

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