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:sleep: Hey guys, believe it or not I still have my post ADC glow. Everytime I turn my computer on and hear crazy or walking after midnight or see one of Carolyn's photos that now grace my desktop I am reminded of the wonderful time I had. as I mentioned when I first introduced myself my age (18, for those who may be reading this that weren't there I was the youngest ADCer) has affected me a dancer because I am just young enough too be scorned by my peers. I take class at very good school. ( yes, most of you know which) and every time I walk in there the professional track students (a few of whom I actually know) make me feel worthless. " what are you doing here" " give it up all ready" is all said with that icy glare as they strut down the hall swinging their pointe shoes. Needless to say I have been so jealous of these girls for so long. Being at ADC with you guys was incredible. Everyone was so supportive of everyone else in a way which is overshadowed sometimes due to the competitiveness of ballet. I learned and performed a piece of Giselle (my favorite ballet) and I got to try PDD. (apologies Ed for being so nervous). I also got to do the thing I wanted to do most and yet thought would never happen: take pointe class. at the risk of sounding cliche I know you can understand how big a deal that is. so maybe I'm not in Ailey 2 or have been asked to join ABT 2 or am going to the Fordham/ailey program or am even good enough to attend SDP at Boston ( all examples are actually people I know) ADC however made me feel good about myself and I hope I will be able to carry that spirit with me when I return to class next week and am faced with those girls.



alright enough being sappy, I actually have 2 questions. Does anyone happen to know what "piece" of the Giselle music was used for my groups repertory. I haven't been able to find it! And the other q was does anyone have any idea at all when the pic and video will come? I'm trying to be patient but come on, I know you guys are eager to see it too!



also, anyone feel free to turn this into a " favorite moments" post. ( well as long as thats allowed)

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Hi Sweetie!


I really enjoyed reading your post, because everything you said was so honest and true to the program :D I really think the most important aspect of ADC is that we have the opportunity to intensively study in a virtually non-competitive atmosphere. It was an amazing experience.


Unfortunately, I can't answer your question about the piece of music from Giselle that we performed, I would love to know myself so I can show my techer. Anyone have any ideas? And with that, how about the Raymonda variation??


And I too am eagerly awaiting the goodies from Heidi! :sleep:

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The first time I went to ADC (the second August session, 2003), we also performed something from Giselle - the Peasant Dance, from Act I. I loved the music so much that I asked about the composer.


His name was Adolphe Adam. I suggest that you Google him and/or Giselle. After performing such a search when I returned home, I ended up purchasing a video of Giselle that featured Nureyev as Albrecht. But the music in the video was not nearly as good as the recording used for our ADC performance, and the Peasant Dance was (to my eyes) given rather sort shrift - it seemed rushed or perfunctory.


On the other hand, I remember that at ADC it seemed as if although it took forever to learn, when we actually danced it, time speeded up and the whole thing only took a minute or less to do.

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Guest Cut Footloose!!!

I went to ADC last year for the first time during the second August session, and I'm replying in respose to your question about recieving the picture and video. If I remember correctly, I got the photo pretty soon after getting back home. The video seemed to take forever, though! I think it came in January or February. Just thought I'd let you know. :grinning:

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