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I was just curious as to which role or solo from a ballet is considered the most difficult technically? Someone told me once that the solo from Diana and Acteon is extremely challenging... :yes:

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Black Swan, done in context of the ballet, has to be the most difficult that I know. The variation itself is challenging, but I'm not sure it is any more difficult than several others. But, when you do the whole ballet, then it has to be exceptionally difficult to get through everything in Act II, and then Black Swan pas/variation/coda, and then Act IV. However, classically speaking, I think perhaps Aurora is an even bigger chanllenge for a ballerina. I'm speaking of the full length Sleeping Beauty of course, not a one act version. There is a particular purity of technique and difficulty factor in this one, particularly the Rose Adagio, that makes it a major challenge for any ballerina. The difference between the two works may be endurance type strength for Odette/Odile, and technical purity for Aurora.

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