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having a hard time in class

Guest michal1979

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Guest michal1979



I am new to this group. I was very excited to find this discussion board ! :) I started taking ballet classes pretty late, when I was 24 years old, and I have been taking it for about a year.


Last week, I tried taking an open class at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater (PBT) because the classes at my other school ended. This class at PBT was supposed to be at the beginners/intermediate level, but it was so much harder than what I have been taking. I did not know about 50% of what was done in class, and I felt like the worst student there. The teacher was going pretty fast though the center exercises, and I felt that I could never catch up.


I wanted to know whether I should stay in that class, I am not sure if I will ever be able to catch up. I was really frustrated leaving class, but I also want to advance, and I can't seem to find the right class for me. :yes:



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It can be really hard for adults to find the right level of class. Kids are usually assigned to a level and have an appropriate number of classes per week at that level, but adults have to guess and, sometimes, take classes above/below their level.


First thing to try for you: is there a lower level class at PBT?

Second: is there another place in your area that has classes for adults in the summer?

Third: You might want to try this class another time or two, just to see if you start to pick things up. Or just do barre. Or ask the instructor what s/he might recommend.


Good luck, and remember, summer will be over in two months!

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There's an interesting recent thread about how to cope with classes that are too hard for

one's current level somewhere in the one of the grownup sections. I thought it had lots of good advice, but I'm not computery enough to dig it out and post it for you.

My sympathy to you though; sometimes it's just frustrating and painful.

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Guest Hilarie

Have you only taken the one class there? It could be that there were some higher level dancers taking class that day so the teacher geared things more to them. In any case, I think I'd give PBT another chance before you get too discouraged.


If you decide to take class elsewhere, Dance Alloy (www.dancealloy.org) has adult classes in the summer, although only one day a week. Other places to try would be Point Park University or Bodiography Contemporary Ballet in Squirrel Hill, although I'm not sure if either of them offer summer classes.

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Guest beckster

If you did decide to stay in that class, you could always speak to the teacher and explain that the class is slightly above your level. That way the teacher might be able to give you suggestions of things to simplify or skip, and would know that you were trying your best and not just being lazy at the back!

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