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pirouette problem


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I've always had a lot of problems doing pirouettes, I just can't do them. I worked with a teacher on my problems yesterday, and there's a couple things that cause my pirouettes to go wrong. When I rélevé into passé, my supporting foot turns in briefly and then turn out again. I can't feel myself doing it, that's why I don't know how to correct it. The other problem is that I can't stay up on my supporting leg, I always fall down too fast. Would that be because I don't have a decent balance in passé? I'm getting a bit desperate, as those pirouettes are just not coming, no matter how much i practice. Help!

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Two things, Marjolein: In the preparation move your weight into your front leg and push down with that leg. The reason that leg turns in is because your weight is slightly back and that allows the front leg to swivel inward as you start the pirouette. The second thing is directly related to the first thing, in that if your weight is not in that leg in the preparation, it is highly likely that it will not get far enough on top of that leg when you relevé. So, yes, you have to work on finding your center in the relevé retiré position. :angry:

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Guest 2bORnot2b

hi there!


i was wondering if someone could help..

i can do double pirouettes pretty well..

i mean i can pull them off everytime now..

but just CANNOT do triples..

i find if i dont do it properly i can actually do them!!

its really frustrating!

ive been stuck with doubles for 2 years!!!

with the od triple (once a week?lol)


please help!

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Sounds like you're flinching. You do the double, and then something in the subconscious goes "OMG, it's a triple!" and you pitch your shoulders forward defensively, and change your center of gravity. Try doing two-and-a-quarter turns, then a double-and-a-half, then proceed serenely on to a triple! :offtopic:

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Guest 2bORnot2b


thats great!

are you pshycic?



i think thats exactly waht im doing wrong.just wasnt sure

i always worry about falling if i do a triple!

so i guess i need to build up the confidence!


thanks heaps

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Yep, teachers have to be psychics too :wink: But they are also somewhat experienced in dealing with the problems that occur rather frequently in ballet technique! :D


When trying to get over a fear of falling, first think about what happens if you fall.........how many times have you fallen down while playing or running or even just walking or going up and down stairs? Most of us have done this quite a bit. You fall down, get up and carry on! So, if you fall down while trying a turn it's really not such a big deal. You relax into the fall and let it happen, and get up and correct what caused it, which would most likely be allowing your weight to go back instead of continuing to spiral upwards. This happens because you think "uh oh!", or OMG it's a triple!" :)

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