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How much time?

ABT Wannabe

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This question may be too individual to answer...but I really need some help. I have achilles tendonitis and am planning to take some time off to let it heal.


My question is...How much time should I take off to make sure it fully recovers? If you've ever had tendonitis before, how much time did YOU take off? Is 6 months too long? :P


I would really really really appreciate any help from anyone! luv ya!

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Yep, too individual to answer. Some people will heal in a week or two, others take months. What are you doing for it in the meantime, besides time off?

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Guest dancer522

I've never had it before, but I think that if you don't let it rest for long enough it can stick around for a long time. (Sorry if this is chatting... :blink: )

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No, not chatting at all, and you are correct. Tendinitis does not go away easily, and since it is a repetitive stress injury, it will never go away as long as the same stress is continued. Therefore total rest is imperative.

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