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Teachers point of view needed

Guest piroella

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Guest piroella

Let me please start by saying 1. I love my teacher! 2. I am not a whiner but what I am about to say may sound that way. I am about a year younger than others in my class. When I changed schools (because old teacher retired) they put me in with my level and it was a year ahead of me age wise. I work very hard because it seems even though I was placed here that the teacher still sees me as the "young one". When I make a mistake she will say things like "you never do it right." but then one of the older girls will make the same mistake and she merely points it out or does not notice it at all. I love a hard teacher but I would like a little praise when I get it right. I try very hard to please and want more than anything to be a ballerina one day but, I am getting very frustrated. I have taken private lessons with her and I will go home and practice and practice...but I feel like she always starts out with less respect for me than anyone. What can I do to make her undrestand my commitment?

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Hi, piroella, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers here on Ballet Alert! Online! :wink:


I believe that if you just keep working hard, and accepting corrections cheerfully, then your teacher will brighten up toward you. Of course, when you receive a correction, you have to act on it, and that also goes for corrections given to other students. You have to see if they apply also to you, and take care of it yourself. Corrections have to be remembered from class to class, so that the teacher will not have to keep saying the same one to you over and over and over again. And of course, if you don't understand a correction, by all means, ask a question!

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