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Guest Danzin Boy

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Guest Danzin Boy



My dance teacher have said to me if i wanted to wear a thong leotard or and full bottom leotard, i'm 16 and is going to be dancing full time so i want to look profesional (Spell). So I want to ask what all of you guys wear, if you were a leotard what do you go for, I think the thong one you can see all the lines of the leg clearer but then the bottom dosn't seem that much different. Please help




Danzin Boy

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Hi, Danzin Boy, and welcome to the Men's Forum at Ballet Talk for Dancers here at Ballet Alert! Online! :(


Before you get that thong leotard, I sincerely hope that you have a properly fitting dance belt.


Most young men I know in the professional track favor tights over a leotard of any sort, or unitards.

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Good, at least they fit properly, so you don't feel like you're being sawed in four like the Old Lady in Candide! Find a leotard with a thong and leg cut that harmonizes most effectively with the line of the dance belt. It doesn't matter so much if you use black tights, but if you wear any lighter shade (charcoal grey was always my favorite), then you need to be a little concerned about show-through.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

I'd follow Mel's advice He hasn't stirred me wrong. If anything on or for Ballet, Mel seems to be the right person to chat with or accept a real answer from.

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