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Books: Grace Under Pressure

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What I find most interesting about books that include interviews with teachers and coaches is that there is a recognition that dancers do not do it all themselves. Most often the general public just assumes so and so is just such a genius yet when left on their own, many dancers can just have no taste or know what makes them look their best. I also will ad this bookk to my wish list through amazon.


BTW, remember to click through to Amazon at the top of this webpage. It will help Ballet Talk! :innocent:

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Guest livin4ballet

I am currently reading Grace Under Pressure. It truely is a wonderful book. Once you start reading it, it is very hard to put down!

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Fabulous book absolutely fascinating. I bought it last week and really can't put it down.


I love the honest approach Barbara Newman's interviewees give - and sucha wonderful insight into what makes a great ballet company great!

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This book is apparently much easier to get a hold of now. Here's a discussion of it on Ballet Talk - Grace Under Pressure. The recommendations from people who've read it are very positive. :)


In May, Alexandra wrote

I just got it, and am reading it now. I agree with sandik's assessment -- and I'd add: read this book if you're interested in the process of ballet, what goes on in class and in the studios, how a dancer becomes a dancer, and how a ballet gets onto the stage...
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