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ABT Wannabe

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I have tendonitis, so I cannot do pointe for the time being. I am going to have a partnering class at my SI soon, so do you think I should do it on flat? I am asking this because people have told me that it's very bad to do partnering on flat? I would like to get some other's opinions.

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No pointe...no partnering! Perhaps when you are more experienced it could work, but right now you need to study general partnering skills which for a young lady includes pointe work. :)

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Yes, that is what she means, ABT Wannabe. Also, pointe work, and partnering IS pointe work for the female, is very hard on the tendons, so should not be done with tendinitis.

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When my tendonitis flared up and i could not dance en pointe for a class, I did pas de deux on flat and spent most of the time helping a new guy figure out how to do stuff, i couldnt really do enough without the shoes except for lifts.

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And besides being hurtful to the tendinitis, an adagio class done on demi-pointe isn't terribly fair to the boys, as they will have to get used to doing the material one way for demi-pointe, and then, all of a sudden, everything changes when it goes to pointe. Learning a part that way isn't bad, but that's a rehearsal issue, not class.

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