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My class in the Twilight Zone


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I just started a new class last Saturday. The instructor was highly recommended. The class is relatively small, and I am one of two men in it.


The other guy arrived late, and everyone else was already in the studio, stretching, when he walked in from the men's dressing room. This is where it gets weird.


*** was dressed in the ballet equivalent of drag - a woman's leotard, sheer white tights (worn under the leo), and pink ballet slippers with ribbons that crisscrossed up the ankle. :o I've never seen the like before, and I didn't know what to make of him. :blink:


I began the barre in a somewhat distracted mood - and as far away from *** as I could get. He left after the barre. During a pre-center stretch, someone else in the class asked the instructor when "pink" day is. Apparently, everyone in class dresses in pink, from head to toe, *** included - in fact, it was his idea, as the instructor explained. But I said to myself, "Not in this life. Not a snowball's chance in you-know-where am I going to dress in pink for class." :green:


Then the instructor started to gush about how "adorable" *** looks in a pink leotard and tights. I looked around and saw the other students smiling and nodding. Suddenly, I realized that I was the only person in the room who had a problem with ***'s peculiar mode of dress, and I relaxed.


But if *** ever comes to class in a skirt, I'm outathere, I wouldn't care if Vaganova herself was teaching! :)

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You gotta wonder about who recommended that class! :)

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Mel, one of my instructors at Boston Ballet recommended the class. BB's adult classes are over for the summer - at least the ones pitched at my level of competence. My instructor at BB must just not be up to speed on my new instructor's requirements for men's uniform for class.


And here I was thinking that it was normal for guys in ballet class to dress like 16th century Protestants, in sober black and white. O Brave New World, that has such people in it.

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As John Adams says in 1776, "We still do a few things in Boston, Franklin!" :)

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:) oh my god! Hilarion when I first saw this I thought you ment at boston! ( I nearly died of laughter from that mental picture. can you imagine!) but i'm dying to know where this was because chances are i've taken there too. intresting dress aside though how is this class? I need to be taking some more. you know there is class at boston though. you should try it.
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Hilarion, that is so funny, although you should really visit a ballet class in San Francisco..I didn't know where to look (if you know what I mean) when I first viewed a class....and then another place I took class......well lets say, a few extreme characters to say the least. At least you will smile during your class :innocent:

Do you think they may have ben pulling your leg? 'Oh , there is a new guy coming to class on Wednesday, lets have some fun!'.

At least he didn't turn up in a Big Bird costume! maybe next week?


P.S Did you look out the window during barre and see a goblin trying to tear bricks out of the building?

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Wow, when I was younger taking ballet at the local museum/art center there was a guy that would go change into tights (and that's it) and expose himself to the dancers. Fortunatly I missed out and only heard about it second hand. Parents were instructed to escort their dancers to and from class from then on.

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:angry: This is so apropos - I finally found a great dance studio in my city (in Canada) where they cater to adults, with, get this, an accompanist for every class!! It is a small studio, with a great instructor (trained in Boston) and class is mixed.


But, lo and behold, in the class before me is the local transvestite, who has been around for maybe 20 years. But wow, is he really in drag now - last week, he had on tights, leo, skirt and little white gloves and makeup. This week - fishnet tights, black THONG leo, legwarmers and black ballet slippers. Apparently, no other dance studio in town will take him - wonder why?? :unsure: Our instuctor has allowed him to come to one class only. I'm OK with him, as he used to come to my aerobics class years ago.


But, I love to watch the reactions from other dancers when they see him for the first time! :innocent:

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This is where I draw the limit. :grinning:


I have no problems with a guy wanting to dress like a woman, or the other way round - but proper ballet class attire does not include fishnet tights etc. Not the traditional female version, nor the traditional male version, and not any relaxed adult class versions of them, either.

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Sigh - I know, the fishnets are way overboard - he is not in my class, so I don't know if I should approach the owner. I'm hoping someone else does - at least have him wear opaque tights.

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Actually, I did have a guy show up in my adult intermediate class last spring in white leotard worn over sheer black tights with pink slippers! It was all I could do to concentrate on teaching :blushing: . Strangely, he could almost keep up with the class (his female companion, could not...). Luckily, they haven't returned..


I do remember that when I first moved to NYC after high school, I was totally taken aback when a member of the 'Trocs' took class next to me in full make-up (multiple pairs of false eyelashes etc.) :grinning:

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Jaana I couldn't agree more! :grinning: Dressing like a man or a woman is your choice, however, fishnets in a classical ballet class with thong leo is definitely too much.

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:(  oh my god! Hilarion  when I first saw this I thought you ment at boston! (  I nearly died of laughter from that mental picture. can you imagine!) but i'm dying to know where this was because chances are i've taken there too. intresting dress aside though how is this class? I need to be taking some more. you know there is class at boston though. you should try it.

BostonBalletGirl, the class I'm taking is at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. It's very, very basic, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I am trying to prepare for ADC next month.


Unfortunately, I have very limited time in which to take classes, between now and August 15-21 in Richmond. Saturday morning is one of two slots that are open in my schedule, and this class fits in that slot. I have to make the best of it.


The other slot is Tuesday evenings, and there I hit the jackpot. I'm in a class at Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre, in Harvard Square. There are two other guys besides myself. (Neither one has dressed in drag for class, at least, not so far.) Both are more advanced than me, but that's OK because they are very willing to share what they know. The class is pretty fast-paced - tour jetes on my second visit. Yow! B)

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