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Arque Legs

Guest stumbleine_

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Guest stumbleine_

Okay, so I'm pretty new to ballet (and this website!) so I don't know that much. Well, I was reading a book on ballet when I noticed something on arque legs and jarrete (spelling?) legs. I found out that I am arque. At least I think so. See, when I'm standing parallel or in first position, my legs don't touch AT ALL. I am the only one in my class like this.


I have tried googling but I only came up with a limited amount of information. So, I ask you all, please help me find out more about being arque! Is this considered unattractive in the ballet world?







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Hello Sarah, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers :D


Before you panic about the shape of your legs, let's look at a few other things, because this kind of leg usually means that you will be strong and have a really good jump! :wink: If you also have good feet and decent rotation, and you can learn to use that rotation well enough to make good lines in extensions, then you will be fine. All of this takes time, of course, so several years of training will be necessary for you to learn to work with the shape of your legs and make them work for you instead of against you. It can be done!

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