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Summer Intensives can change over the years and the one at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School (the school that my boys attend year-round) has been steadily evolving. A new director has recently been appointed and I think he will create a male-friendly environment. Here is an article from our local paper that was fun to read: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/04204/349775.stm

It was refreshing to read about young men for a change

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I really appreciate everyone's responses! There is a lot of wonderful information here, which will help all of us with boys who dance. Knowing this added information will help us find programs that fit our children, given their dancing levels, development, strength, interests, and personalities. Thanks!

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Werlkj, My daughter just returned from Orlando. During their performance the director did remark that males are especially attracted to Orlando,where I saw firsthand just what all the nurturing has produced-very impressive! There's a mom around here who I hope will chime in-her son trained here and is quite a success story! I will add that my daughter gives her summer experience at Orlando highest marks!

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PK..Thanks for the mention and glad your daughter enjoyed Orlando. As ajg stated about Pittsburg Ballet Theatre School, Orlando Ballet School is also "steadily evolving". My son studied there for 6 years and then apprenticed for a year under Fernando. The program this year I think is quite good especially for the younger male dancers (age 12- 17). There are not alot of teachers (some company members teach) and Fernando does some (not alot) but I think the training is very good and the chance to work under Fernando (for even a small period of time) is certainly a huge plus. Orlando Molina (Ballet Master) is wonderful during the year with his boys class but sadly didn't teach alot this summer. My son still trys whenever he can to take his classes as well as Peter Stark's.


Then there is also the chance for the older dancer to be noticed and taken into the company as a trainee or an apprentice... a fantastic opportunity for anyone!

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Guest lightrea2

My DS went to Houston Ballet this summer and had a fantastic experience.


He started off in level 6, but was moved to 7 after first week. The level 7 is combined with 8 professional level. DS was exsposed to alot of great young men dancers. He made alot of friends and was given alot of help (instruction) by teachers and male students. He auditoned for year round, and is certain will have a spot in the fall program.


There were about 45 men in 7/8 combined. About 25 in 5/6 combined. The days are filled. Not much down time. 7/8 day begins at 9am-7pm with maybe 1hr lunch. Level 5/6 begin around 11am-6pm. and all had classes on Saturday.


DS said he loved his instructors! I would recommend this SI to anyone who is ready to WORK hard. 5/6 had parternering 3 days a week and 7/8 had it 6 days a week. Also the Mens classes were Awesome, almost same frequency as partnering classes.


My son is 17, he is looking to make a career out of ballet.

My 14 year old son did not get in during the summer (only a small number of new students are allowed into the summer program if you live in Houston. They try to bring new students from all over the country during the summer), but auditioned the other day and feels he has a chance of getting in the fall program.


If anyone has specific questions regarding this SI please ask.

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Mrs. Stahlbaum

My daughter also went to Houston (and also moved from level 6 to 7). Houston does indeed have a strong men's program, but she counted fewer men in the program. Her estimate is that there were 8 in Level 5/6 and 22 in level 7/8. There were about 30 girls in each of the four levels.

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Guest lsauvageau

My son attended Miami City Ballet this summer. It was wonderful for him. He grew so much this year as a dancer. Where we live he doesn't get to dance with many other boys so it was great for him to get to dance with 50 other young men.

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Guest justthedriver

Hey, parents and fans of DS-es (I'm hoping that's dancing sons!). I'm new to your forum, new to the whole experience, and am so glad to have found you. My DS is 12, going into his second year of ballet, and just did the youth summer dance SI at WH, which he liked very well, except that he was the only boy boarding in the otherwise empty (but for the dorm parents) dorm, which he found spooky in the extreme. The older drama kids were there and I guess very nice and welcoming for a week, then nada. And there were only three other boys in the program, all of whom had had five - six years of training. I'd like him to go somewhere next summer where he could be around more boys, and would love to hear from those who've discovered them. I gather the Miami and Orlando SIs are good - what about CPYB? Any other alternatives? We're in CT but have son will travel. Thanks!

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A hearty welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers and the Parents of Boys forum justthedriver. I hope you take some time to read through the many thoughtful postings on all of the forums. Check out the Summer Intensive Forum for a complete list of SIs that young ladies and gentlemen have attended.


From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that CPYB not only has plenty of young fellows attending their SI but the quality of the classes is top notch. It is very intense but my youngster was 12 turing 13 the summer he attended and he loved it. It is not an SI that suits everyone. Some dancers like the consistency of one or 2 main teachers, CPYB has a rotation of many faculty during the 5 weeks in the summer.



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Guest justthedriver

Right, Ping, and as my son would say, good one, mom. What I meant (but mangled) is that the kids were really nice, and when they left, he missed them. It was a hard workout but the teachers and classes he just loved; sounded like boot camp to me, but I don't dance. Your guy I take it is older - is he agitating to go to WH full time?

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