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SI's boys and young men have loved


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I don't think we'll do away with you just yet, ping. Informative comments from mature students are always welcome.

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Ah, found a thread that talks about specific programs and hope you all will continue to add to this thread - it's a great resource. :rolleyes:

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My son has loved both the Rock program and the Miami program. He has just received his acceptance for ABT Detroit with a scholarship offer but it was his 3rd choice so I don't know where he will end up this year. I thinkhe would prefer a longer program than 4 weeks. But I can say that Rock and Miami were great for him.

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No one has mentioned San Francisco Ballet School yet, so I guess I will pipe in. My DS has attended their summer program a number of times and has absolutely loved it!


As for numbers last summer, there were 10 boys in the Level 6 Mens; 17 in the Level 7 Mens; and about 15 or so in the Level 8 Mens. I'm not sure on the younger levels.


As for classes, they have technique six days a week, modern twice a week, partnering twice a week, batterie and variations five days a week, as well as a Pilates mat class once a week -- a very full schedule, but enough time to go back to the dorms and have dinner and some down time. (I think fencing and character classes replace the variations classes for the younger levels.)


The teachers are wonderful -- all male teachers for the mens classes except for modern and (I believe) character. My son has had excellent teachers -- Parrish Maynard, Jeffrey Lyons, Jorge Esquivel, and Yuri Zhukov.


The kids stay on the campus of the University of San Francisco, as do the kids attending Alonzo King's Lines summer program. On Sundays, the school sponsors excursions to waterparks, city tours, boat tours to Alcatraz, Pier 39, Six Flags, etc. The dorms are well-chaperoned, with girls on one floor and boys on another. In the evenings, they occasionally have company members come in and speak to the kids; for example, Amanda Schull from the movie, Center Stage.


All in all, I would say it is a very well run program with just the right amount of classes. But parents can judge for themselves -- during the last week of the five-week program, all classes are open for observation.

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I'll have to second that for Houston Ballet- they do seem to have a very strong men's program. One of our students went there for SI, and ended up staying for year-round. He feels it is a great environment for males.

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Hi Parents of DS's,

I'm new to this forum. My son is 15 and has been training at CPYB for the past 7 years. He has done the SI's there and has found it to be a great experience. CPYB has a lot of guys in the year-round program and mnay stay for the SI. Guys from schools with fewer male dancers really enjoy having interaction with so many other male dancers!


But here is my question. My DS is ready to try a SI away from home. So far he has been accepted at Boston and San Fran. He is use to training 24 hours/week during the school year and 30 at CPYB's SI. He is a strong partner but needs conditioning classes to improve turn out.


Can anyone make recommedations?

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knock knock - POB

My DS is 15. He has been accepted at SFB and Boston SI's and are waiting to hear from Orlando.

He is a strong jumper and partner but has limited turn out. We are looking for really good conditioning classes, technique, as Pas de deux. Any recommendations?

Thanks for your input!

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Spiritfire - I noticed your other posts in the Male Dancer's thread. I can't speak to Boston or San Fran, but you did mention Orlando. They have a good men's program especially for older boys. Asked my DS - he said they had stretching once a week (his level was taught by Peter Stark.) He said he couldn't comment on whether it would help someone with poor turnout. DS already has pretty good turnout and is very flexible. From my observations, his flexibility was even better after 5 weeks there. Not sure if his turnout got better, though. I know that Boston is scheduled to have some type of stretching/conditioning for boys this summer. Hope that helps.

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Okay, so Spiritfire and Cheetah, you have now been formally introduced. Your sons attended the same Christmas workshop together. Cheetah, Spiritfire is the mother of the young man I was telling you about that would be a wonderful roommate for your son.


Spiritfire, you will probably be hearing some great answers here. As I have mentioned, I do not think your son can go wrong in any of the programs to which he has been accepted. Lots of male dancers at San Fran, Boston and Orlando, so there's good camraderie and healthy competition. I don't know what San Fran has in the way of body conditioning. I know that in Boston the boys will have body conditioning using their own body weight rather than weights, and they will also take Body Code - something similar to gyrotonics. I know that Orlando included men's body conditioning in their program.


Good luck in making the decision!! I know that your son is going to have a great time and learn alot this summer.

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knock knock - POB

My DS is 15.  He has been accepted at SFB and Boston SI's and are waiting to hear from Orlando. 

He is a strong jumper and partner but has limited turn out.  We are looking for really good conditioning classes, technique, as Pas de deux.  Any recommendations?

Thanks for your input!


I'll tell you what: I'll take this, split it off and move it to the Parents of Boys forum, which is its proper place. Men's Forum is only for men and boys who dance.

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Does anyone know if Orlando will still be a quality program for boys even with the loss of Fernando Bujones?


The audition DS attended was taught by a company member, Andres Esteves, and we were told afterward that he will be teaching some of the boys classes. Anyone have any experience with him?

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Andres is an awesome teacher! My DS loved his classes. He had him at two different programs this past summer. Orlando Molina also taught a lot (at Orlando) last summer, but not sure of his plans for this summer. He's listed as guest faculty for ABT, but not sure when that will happen. Perhaps a call to find out? For the first three weeks Orlando taught most of my son's men's class (which was held four times a week). The last two weeks Andres took over. I think Peter Stark taught DS' level a few times, but not often. Fernando was a guest at his level for one week but only taught technique that week, not men's classes. Andres - and also Orlando - taught partnering. For all boys, this is four times a week. Andres and Orlando are both very, very hard but incredibly inspiring. Lots of pushups, stretching, and high expectations of the boys. My DS has decided to try a different program this summer but it was a hard decision. He would be happy to spend five or six weeks studying with these two men again.

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Do you know what your son would like to focus on this summer? That will be important in considering the different programs available. It would also help to know how long of a program he is interested in.

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Thanks Gremlin for bumping this up.

My experiences with my ds are as follows

ABT Orange County. Good, big, lots of boys, had a great time not really technique or detail oriented.

ABT New York (2 years running) Very big, very competitive, lots of good boys. Tricks oriented. Very tiring, not well scheduled for the boys. Chaotic pas de deux, too many people. DK loved the atmosphere of being in NY and coped well but got overtired and had trouble controlling himself in class when he was exhausted.

Harid, one of my favorites for a boy with good focus (also for a girl). Small, focused, strict, DK made most progress at this intensive out of any of them.

Royal Ballet School: Great program, smallish, focused, extremely stimulating environment, very international, amazing facilities. Stylistically superb.

SAB: Very well organized program, excellent socially, DK loved the comradery, of the other boys. Competitive, excellent pas de deux work. High pressure environment. Pressure to stay for the year, pressure to do it their way, and their way being right low tolerance or knowledge for other styles. Technique wise did improve petit allegro, quick movement and pas de deux, with little attention to the upper body for the men.

In my opinion.


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