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Yes, I too have noticed that lately everything seems to be moved. Where and why is it all going? Could you please explain what we are permitted to talk about on the mom and dad's board now. I am finding it inconvenient and hard to follow where everything and everyone went! Please can we have our old board back. :)

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Oh, moms and dads can be for anything! It's just that right now, every last post has been about summer intensives, so most appropriately on the Summer Intensives Forum board. If someone would only post something about jockeying academic schedules in the fall, or how to dancerproof your house, it would come as a welcome relief! :)

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"Not to worry!", as we say here in New Yawk. Evil Twin Skippy was just creating a bit of havoc. :wink:


The parents' forum is for parents to ask questions of each other - of teachers. Non parents are not "forbidden" to post there, but generally they do not.


Cross Talk is now the discussion forum for all those things that people might want feedback from a variety of people. It is also the place where we would like to encourage people to start threads and ask questions about ballet programs - "year round programs" both residency and nonresidency because this way students at those programs will be more apt to respond, as well.


Anything related to health or nutrition goes on Health and Nutrition, etc. Summer Intensive related questions are all supposed to be posted on the SI forum.


Are you stuck with any particular question as to where to post it? Remember, the moderators can easily move posts to their proper forum if you're not sure. Don't be afraid to start a thread - ever! :)


I hope this clears things up a bit for you, Millie. :blink:

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Guest Vicarmac

Well I liked it when some of the stuff you are putting on Crosstalk could go on here. Even if it opens it up to other people some of that stuff was put on here first because we wanted to discuss it with other parents.

The SI stuff I get but not some of the other things. Why can't parents discuss some of it here if that is where it was asked?

Oh well I guess we will have to look over there but I wish you weren't so quick to decide stuff isn't for the parents board.

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I can see both sides, unfortunately, though I'm leaning heavily towards the side of confused Parent. However, I'll try my best to get used to it. The problem seems to be that the line between what goes in Crosstalk and what goes in Ballet Moms and Dads is really fuzzy....really, really fuzzy. Most threads could be argued either way.


I agree that year-round residency programs seem to fit best in Crosstalk, but for all the rest that have been moved there so far, how about asking the original parent poster if they really want feedback from everyone. (I believe that was the reason stated for moving them.) It could be that some posters just want to communicate with other parents on this stuff. Just a suggestion......

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Vicarmac, point well taken. The parents board will remain the parents board, and anything you all want there can go there! :P If there is a similar topic on Cross Talk, so be it. We can deal with that! Nothing more will be moved unless it is totally inappropriate for the parents board! The topics on year round programs are mostly in Cross Talk, and we will leave them there. If others come up here, they can stay here, but also be referred to further information, if there is some on that program, in Cross Talk.

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Maybe we could make a moratorium on moves for awhile; just let a little chaos reign for awhile, and see where we come out. :P

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We must all have been thinking the same things at the same time! :P

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I, too, found it difficult to keep track of things until I found "My Assistant". Does everyone know about this feature? I find it VERY handy. Click on it and it will tell you how many new posts there have been and whether any are in response to your own thread. And you can click "View" and it will bring up a window, similar to a search, that lists all of the new posts, newest first.


That really helps keep track of things. (And you don't have a to be a 30-post member to use it!)


Sharon :P

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Thank you, Sharon! I have a feeling most of us have failed to take advantage of that feature.

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Thanks for the reminder, Sharon. I never have used that one, although I use "view new posts", right next to it, often.

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