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Well, while we are on the brush-up-on-functions topic, I try to use "active topics" once a day on both boards so I don't miss a discussion of interest that may be taking place on one of the many boards I never go to. Generally I only click onto Moms and Dads, Cross Talk (more recently) Links and American Ballet companies - other than that - it's a quick check on "Active Topics."

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Amd there is always "Active Topics" at the upper right, once you have 30 posts. It brings up the topics that have been posted in the last 2-3 days.


Oops-Syr--we were posting at the same time!!!

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Mel Johnson

The whole purpose of the 30-post rule is to give people time to try out the bells and whistles, and ask questions about how the software works before they get even more functions to play with at 30 posts.

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