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Guest GummieBear

does anybody have any tips on pirouettes? I really need the help!

I used to be able to do 3 pirouettes but for some reason I can only do 2 right now.

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Guest dancer88291

That has happened to me before too. It mostly takes alot of time for me to be able to do 3 pirrouettes again. Some things that I think about are balance (making sure I'm on my leg), Spotting, and a really good turned out passe.



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GummieBear, if you type 'pirouettes' into the search feature, I think you will come up with enough information to keep you reading for a long time :) However, tips on pirouettes are really not what you need. You need a teacher watching and telling you what you are doing in order to correct them. It is most likely your alignment, weight placement, lack of proper motivating movement to create the pirouette and/or a good center of balance to maintain beyond two revolutions. Spotting is another area that is often weak. This occurs from holding tension in your neck and shoulders and not allowing the head the freedom to turn quickly.

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