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Champagne Moment

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My ballet teacher called me yesterday with my exam results. I took Grade 6 and 7 ballet exams back in May.


I passed both of them with Merit. I am so pleased!!!! I couldn't stop skipping around the house!!!!



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Congratulations! You must be very proud of yourself!


I am worried about my Grade 6 Exam in the Winter, I really think they will fail me on technique... maybe its just me being paranoid!

Do they mark you down if you have a bad turnout, but dance well...?

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I am really proud of myself!! I get really nervous before exams and then panic at the start!!


The examiner was really nice and very young!!


I don't think that they would mark you down too much for the bad turnout!! I made some pretty bad mistakes during the Grade 6 exam ( I completely forgot how to do the waltz enchainement!!) but I smiled at the end with a look that said 'aren't I the greatest dancer ever'!!!


Good luck with your Grade 6!! I am doing the Inter Foundation in November!! We can exchange stories!!

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congratulations kitty!!!!


and jennykaye, don't worry, when i did grade 6, i couldn't keep my turnout, so, i always started and ended with great turnout but didn't keep it during the exercise (esp. petite allegro and allegro, i don't watch the videos anymore, cause it looks horrible) and i got honours!


just remember to enjoy it and perform.



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Well there may be hope for me yet, I can smile all the way through, so they think I am good :D


Petit Allegro is the bain of my life! I just cannot hold the turnout!


I don't mind the adage study so much but my developpe's (spelling) arn't very high or strong, and my balance is poor! hehe


Maybe I just think I am bad!


Kitty, we shall definitely keep each other posted on our achievements etc.


As some of my class recently did grade 6, I will be starting Grade 7 with them, so I, like you, will probably do both of those exams quite close together!

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Congratulations Kitty and Good luck for your inter foundation in the winter session.


Whilst we are on the champagne couch i want to boast about my good news. I went for an audition just over a week ago for the pantomime Dick Whittington and i got the part of Alice Fitzsimmons. It is (i have been told) quite a huge part and i am Dick Whittingtons girlfriend. I thought they would have had enough of my singing and acting last year but NO. Oh well i will see if i can put them off this Christmas when we run the show.


Skippy x :unsure:

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Guest beckster

Well done kitty! You must be so happy - isn't it nice when you have something independent like an exam to tell you you're a good dancer?!


Jenny, I couldn't hold my turnout in the centre well either. In fact looking back at the improvements I have made in my technique since I took the exam, I am a bit shocked. But I too got a merit at Grade 6 so I am sure you'll be fine. Make sure you smile and dance as though you love it, and you can make up any technique marks you lose. One thing with balance, I find it really helps to think of pushing my standing leg down into the floor. It also means you think more about getting both legs really straight. It doesn't matter if the developpe itself is low.

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