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Mea Culpas


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I thought it might be nice if there was a place where I could offer my mea culpas, and there isn't one.


So I created this thread so I'd have a place where I could apologize for being so opinionated and overly diligent when it comes to sharing. If I appear to be inflexible, I'm really not. I just really like discussions and analysis, I guess.


(By the way, has anybody ever realized there's no universal gesture for "I'm sorry." I've regretted that lack for years, usually when I'm driving!)

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I've tryed shrugging my shoulders while mouthing the words, "I'm sorry", but unfortunately, this doesn't always translate as being contrite while driving. :wink:

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werlkj, I was writing a "mea culpa" email just a little bit ago. On the board here the best I can come up with is a combination of: :speechless::wink::crying::sweating: with, maybe, a :blushing: thrown in!


One of the most difficult aspects of cyber communities is that it's all by writing and it's usually rather an instantaneous act.


My own mea culpa is that in attempting to make it easier for readers to find things by consolidating things, it seems to have confused some folks. :blushing::sweating:


Lahina, you're so right about the driving situation being a tough one to translate well. As for myy own "mea culpa" signals while driving - I usually try to make a sort of wincing, cowering face. :o


I wonder if anyone here knows sign language for "mea culpa"?

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Has any species perfected the body language "mea culpa" other than the canine? They do it so well - the slight cower with tail between legs.


Yes there does need to be something to use while driving to say - "yes I agree with you I was a perfect idiot; you may now take your hand off that horn (or return all your fingers to a more relaxed and appropriate posture!) " :wink:

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I wonder if anyone here knows sign language for "mea culpa"?

Well, not "mea culpa" per se, but American Sign Language for "sorry" goes like this: Make a fist out of your hand, but put your thumb alongside (this is the sign language letter "a"). Place your hand on your chest, knuckles facing in, and move your hand in a circle. DD and I have used that one for years.


:blink: Okay, can't resist a sign language anecdote. As an early childhood special educator, I just sort of used sign language w/DD before she could speak. She still remembers quite a bit. One day at a preschool swim lesson, she was messing around. Without really thinking, I stood up from the bleachers and signed to her "Sit down, turn around and listen to your teacher!" She signed back "sorry" (see above) and returned her attention to the instructor. A mom sitting near me said, "Gosh, I didn't know your daughter was deaf." I responded, "She's not deaf -- she's just in trouble!" To which the mom asked me to teach her some simple signs.


It's a good tool in a variety of situations -- as DD is headling headlong into adolescence, :angry: , I've found I can give a little "maternal advice" in public w/a subtle sign versus my voice.

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