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Pointe Classes Per Week

Guest Alive2Dance

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Guest Alive2Dance

My ballet teacher never has set days for pointe classes. We have 2 hour ballet classes anywhere from 3-5 times a week depending on your level. Sometimes she'll just tell the dancers to put on their pointe shoes. I was discussing this with her and she believes that it's not necessary to do pointe every single week if you strengthen enough without pointe shoes. This seems uncommon, but what do you all think about it. And all of the dancers on pointe(for the exception of a few)are very strong on pointe.

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This is not a pointe shoe question but rather a technique question, so I will tranfer this topic so it can get the attention it needs.

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I think regular pointe classes, in ADDITION to technique classes, are essential. Sorry about the delay. I never saw this question come up on YD. :D

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Guest Mollieochie

This is the same with my teachers. We don't have set pointe and technique classes. Usually we do pointe in the last half and hour of class, or whenever one of our teachers tells us to put pointe shoes on. But, we never do pointe at barre because my teachers say we need to warm up our feet and ankles at barre, before we put on our pointe shoes. Is this normal?

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:wink: I am at home dancing this summer and the same thing is happening! What I do is put on my pointe shoes during center so I can get in my turns and other things like that. Or I take an open class with pointe shoes on--- :D
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I have found that having a pointe class separate from a technique class has helped to strengthen my feet, and my overall quality of pointe work. Although at times it is slow, going back over the basics (such as 16 echappe (sp?) at the barre) makes it easier to perform the more difficult steps.

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Guest imadancer

I have one pointe class a week (separate from technique) and I think it helps stregthen my feet more than just sometimes during class


* please note however that i have only been en pointe over the summer*

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