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Adult Summer Ballet Camp

Guest Vashti

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Guest Vashti

The Kientz-Mejia Academy of Ballet is offering An Adult Summer Ballet Camp. August 16-20. It is a wonderful place to dance they specialize in Adult Ballet and besides camp they offer classes on a daily basis. They are professional dancers who teach as well as wonderful people. They are located in the Washington D.C. suburbs in Mclean Virginia at 1524 Springhill Road, Mclean Virginia. I am very partiicular from whom I take

Ballet. This is one I feel I was very fortunate to find and highly recommend this

Ballet studio as well Dance Camp. It is strictly Classical Ballet.

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Vashti, that's the very week that I will be going to the Adult Dance Camp (ADC) held onsite at the Richmond Ballet, also in Virginia.


It won't take you long to learn about ADC, since there are several new and old threads about it on this Board. Or, you can cut to the chasse by going directly to this URL: www.adultdancecamps.com.


Nevertheless, it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two experiences. Maybe next summer. Does Kientz-Mejia have its own website?

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Vashti-As I'm in the DC/NOVA area, I'm very interested in what you had to say. I'm interested in possibly the camp, but I work during the day so it may be difficult. I'm also interested in the studio, do they have a website? Thanks!

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Guest Vashti

Skaballet, their website is www.kintzmejiaballet.com. This will give you information on them as well as their studio. I hope this will be of some help to you. For camp information you can call them. And if you would like to try them out they have classes everyday for adults, except Sunday. Like I said it is a great place to take ballet and their are exceptional teachers with excellent backgrounds. So I hope to see you at camp. If you get the opportunity to take a class please let me know how you like it . I am sure you will. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Vashti- Thanks so much for the website! That looks like a really great school. I'm definately going to go one day next week and try a class, maybe I will see you there sometime. Thanks again!

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