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Amy Watson

Guest PrinceFinn

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Guest PrinceFinn

Who else out there believes Soloist Amy Watson of Royal Danish to be one of the most talented actresses EVER. Sure shes a phenomanal dancer... but I just love to watch her expressions... and her hands OMIGOSH! They are too beautiful. I just love her! If you don't know her... watch out for it, you will.

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I attended SAB at the same time Amy did. Glad to hear she's developing so well. I recall that Suzanne Farrell liked her dancing very much during her program at the Kennedy Center.

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Guest balletandsynchro

When my DD was in pre-ballet at age 5, we met Amy Watson. She was an advanced dancer at a studio here in SoCal. About a year or two later she left for SAB. What I remember as a dancer's parent, is that she was always friendly and kind to the younger (and in my DDs case very young) dancers! I'm so pleased that she is doing so well! :(

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Royal Danish Ballet (Don't forget to read all of the posts before responding! This was mentioned in first post :))

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There is a very nice article on the Royal Danish Ballet in the recent copy of Pointe. Amy Watson is on the cover. It is nice to read about American dancers who go abroad and are happy and successful.

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