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Guest littlegelsey7

ok.....i have been working on my soudechats (sp?) and extensions this summer and I need some help. I can do a split on the floor and both legs can go high enough in my leap but i cant like...get them both perfect 180* in the air. :shrug: Im like sooo close i just need a few tips. Also extensions...im not super flexible but my extensions have improved a lot and now they are prettygood...but if any one has any tips or stuff to think about i would really appreciate it! :unsure:

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Littlegelsey, you say your extensions have improved greatly, so I would suspect that your grand jetés and saut de chats will also improve as you continue to grow and strengthen and learn to use the improved flexibility to your best advantage. Don't forget that the jump is the first important part of this movement, and continuing to travel through the air, with your body weight forward, will allow the back leg to get as high as the front leg or higher, which is where it should always be. If you throw the front leg too high it can throw your weight back and prevent you from getting up and over enough to get the back leg up even higher.


As for extensions, since you say you have already improved so much, I think you probably already know what to do for that. If not, there are a gazillion threads about it on this forum and several others, so just type extensions or flexibility into the search box! :D

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