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I'm Back at last!!

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:D Hello everyone, just wanted to drop a line and say hello. I havent been on this site for quite a while and i have really missed it and everyone. Work kind of took over my life and i was here there and everywhere.


Quite a lot is going on at the moment. I auditioned for panto again and ended up being cast as one of the lead girls AGGGHHHHH. My ballet teacher would like me to do my advanced foundation in the winter session and that freaks me out a little bit, it will give me a challenge? Along with this i am going for promotion at work, i have just had a message to say they have my application form so i am hoping to hear now if i have made it to the interview stage, fingers crossed.


Skip i thought of you a little while ago, i got called from standby to go to Amsterdam for the night, i actually ended up having 24hrs off but there was no way to mail you through this site as i had no computer so instead i went to the flower market and bought hundreds of tulips.


Anyway just thought i would give a quick update and say hello. Hopefully we can all get a chance to meet up soon (anyone based in the uk).


Skippy :thumbsup:

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Well, howdy-do skippy, and glad to see you again! :D


Glad to hear that things are in motion for you, and in right ways, so don't be a stranger! Keep us posted!

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hi skippy!!!


nice to hear from you again. what a coincident, i was thinking of you too recently. too bad we didn't get a chance to meet each other. maybe a next time that you fly to amsterdam. although, it's not between august 10th and august 27th, cause then i will not be recovering from my surgery that will take place august 11th. but it would be fun.


i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to make promotion and have fun with the panto and your advanced foundation.



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Good luck with the promotion, and well done on the Panto!


I'm not sure how often you all meet up, but I would really like to come the next time you do! I live in Hampshire, UK!


Also I am 19 so do I qualify as being an adult, I am 20 in November :dry:

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Hey Skippy - good to see you 'round these parts again! I'm pretty caught up with work myself at the moment - it's been 24/7 for about the past three months... Anyway, hopefully there'll be a chance for another London meet soon :pinch:

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Guest beckster

Hey Skippy, good to see you back! I'm not going to be around for awhile myself as I'm going to Greece next week, for two months. But when I'm back and have moved to Oxford (end of September) it would be great to meet up!


Do you have an e-mail address you check? If so, can you send it to me so I can keep you updated with my greek exploits?

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Good luck with panto and your promotion - hope to see you soon!

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