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Richmond Adult Summer Intensive

Guest michal1979

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Guest michal1979

I have been reading some of the archived information about the Richmond Adult Summer Intensive, and I was wondering if those of you who have attended may share your experiences.


It is unforunate that I cannot attend this year because of other conflicting events during the time of the SI.


I was wondering whether people of all levels may attend? Are the classes more like open ballet classes for all levels? Or are you actually assigned to a class to fit the level that you are at?


Also, for those of you who attended, do you feel that you actually improved your technique in just a short time of a week ?


Any information you can share about your experiences will be greatly appreciated!




P.S. I was really excited to hear that there is a SI for adult dancers! I felt a little excluded and envious :dry: as an adult dancer that there are many summer programs for 18 and under, but not so many for adults who just love ballet and want to improve!

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A week in Richmond attending ADC is about the nicest thing an adult ballet dancer can do for him/herself. I speak as a 3 time veteran, who plans to return.


You spend all day for an entire week taking ballet technique, men's or women's variations, partnering, pointe, stretching, maybe an short excursion into character, modern, or jazz dance, and attend lectures relevant to dancing.


Do you improve? Yes.

When you leave Richmond, you may be so overwhelmed you don't realize it, but once you have time to synthesize what you've learned and make it yours, you come out a better dancer. There is nothing like the experience of having several different instructors spot your weakness and give their theory of how to correct it. You find that at least one's suggestions work, and you move into competence at something that previously frustrated you.


Classes are taught at 5 ability levels. Levels are determined by a combination of your own analysis of your ability and a placement class. Once a level is chosen, campers track that level throughout the week. ADC recommends students have a minimum of one year of several times a week ballet classes to be able to handle the most basic level taught in Richmond and that all students take extra classes to prepare for the physical stress of the intensive week.


By the time you pay tuition, hotel, meals, travel, and extras it isn't a cheap week. But judging by the number of students who return year after year, the overwhelming opinion is that ADC is a "must do" part of their summer.

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