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Books: Twyla Tharp's Practical Guide

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Has anyone one out there read"The Creative habit:learn it and use it for life: a Practical Guide" by Twyla Tharp? I'm just wondering if other dancers, A.D. ,Choreographers find a commonality

with it. I've enjoyed reading it. Any thoughts?

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Sorry Muck Luck, no I have not, but I am sure it is an interesting book. :pinch:

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I think there was a thread about this when it was first published. I have no idea how to do a search - perhaps BW will see this later. :thumbsup:

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Thanks Suzanne, for doing the search. I must have glanced over it-oops.

Your right not much said so maybe that says something in itself but I enjoyed

it. It was a quick read :(

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Twyla is always good in every conversation for at least one chance to tell you how and why she's more intelligent than you. Here it all is between two covers. :(

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Her references to other notable artistic works in the book did read like Arts Ed 101.And I though to myself one would have to have quite an extensive background to understand some of the context she writes about. Thanks as well on your personal perspective on the author.It adds another shade to the book that I wasn't aware of. :)

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